It’s a BOY!

What a great morning we just had. Aside from having to sit in the doctors waiting room for 40 minutes after my appointment downing glasses of water in order to be able to give a urine sample – it was PERFECT. I really love our doctor. Her name is Steffi Hinz and she works from Vincent Palloti hospital which is really close to home. She has such a huge sense of humor and every appointment is full of laughs and fun.

I have been waiting for this day for quite some time now and I hardly slept last night at all in excitement – BUT, we are going to be having a little baby boy!!!! What a huge blessing and what a miracle this whole baby thing is. I come from a family of girls, my brother being the ONLY boy in the family practically – so this is great news. We didn’t have a gender preference at all, all we want is a healthy happy baby so any news would’ve been good news. But I am SO happy to have found out. Now we can finally refer to baby as ‘HIM’.

Oh and also, thank you little Banjoe for being such a champion – I had to hold his favourite squeaky toy by the camera and make him ‘wait’ while i snapped away. Luckily we didn’t have to colour adjust the balloons to pink – cause that totally could have been the case!

Let the painting, buying and decorating begin. We are going to have a SON in a few months GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! BEST news ever! x

12 thoughts on “It’s a BOY!

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  2. Yay! Congrats again! Soooooo exciting. You are making me all broody over again! I love my little boy so much, he is the coolest dude ever!

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