Our special photoshoot by Nestling Photography. Family photographers in South Africa.


A few months ago we were contacted by two photographers from Joburg, Natasha and Carmen. The girls were coming to Cape Town for a little working holiday, to capture the memories of a few Capetonians, Nestling style. These girls are the epitome of joy. I feel SO blessed to have met them and to have experienced a family photography session with them. Carmen and Tash, the girls behind Nestling Photography are bursting with passion which reflects in every ounce of their wonderful business, Nestling.

Nestling are ALL about family, love, nurturing, children and tenderness. They believe that children, family, pregnant bellies, beautiful babies and love need to be celebrated and I absolutely agree with them. These are the things that truly make the world go round. Nestling see such beauty in the small things, the closeness and cuddles between a mother and a baby, the strong embrace of a dad and the innocence of a child. All of these incredible values shine brightly through the work of these two girls. You can see it in every photograph they take and they know exactly how to capture the raw essence of true love.


I have never been a fan of having my photograph taken. I never liked ‘how I look’ in photographs, much like I didn’t like how my voice sounded on videos. Well.. I look the SAME in real life and that IS how my voice sounds so over the years I have just learnt to deal with it. I am still not entirely comfortable though and I especially don’t like being told to pose. I cannot express to you how comfortable we all felt during our session with the Nestling girls.

Prior to the shoot the girls did some research on us, our passions and our style. They put together an incredible 6 page mood board for our shoot. There was a colour palette, a location suggestion, hair and make up ideas and a bit of outfit inspiration. This made it so easy for us to select what we wanted to wear for the day. What you wear for your shoot really is important and makes a world of difference to beautiful images. If we’re honest, tracksuit pants, trainers and mismatching colours are not going to look so hot in your photos.


We met at 4:30pm at Deer Park on an incredibly hot sunny afternoon. It was about 35’C that day. I was stressed about my make up melting off and my hair falling to pieces but hey, the more natural the better right? I was greeted with the biggest hug from both of the girls and from that second my nerves dissolved and I was ready to have fun! Deer Park is one of our favourite places and Banjoe thought it was Christmas. The Nestling girls had gone to the venue before us to scout out ideas for shots they’d like to take and they guided us around the forest with such grace.

Carmen and Natasha work so wonderfully together, with such ease. They know exactly what they are doing and are so professional in their approach. I have never in my life felt more comfortable in front of a camera. The girls laughed with us, we joked around and the only direction we got from the girls was the odd ‘look at each other’, ‘move a little to the left’ etc.. The girls were so encouraging and filled with enthusiasm. The whole shoot was so relaxed and was heaps of fun! It did not feel directed at all, it was natural and it was fun, just as it should be. THANK you girls for making us feel so comfy and pretty in front of the camera. It was an absolute pleasure to be your subjects.

When I was told our package of photographs was on it’s way, I literally did not leave the house for three days out of fear of missing the delivery man. It was SO worth it. Unwrapping our perfectly assembled parcel was such an exciting experience. Nestling’s attention to detail is outrageous. We were sent two disks, one with all our photographs edited perfectly in black and white and then another disk with all the vibrant colour images. Natasha and Carmen surprised us with a beautiful photo coffee table book which was beautiful designed by them and is something we will cherish forever.

IMG_3281 IMG_3291IMG_4577 IMG_4585 IMG_4590

I can’t even tell you how hard it was to narrow this down to a few photographs but I have put some of our favourites here for you to see, there are still quite a few but I really couldn’t narrow it down further. We are in love and can’t wait to get these printed for our home. How talented are these girls!? There style is so whimsical and their lighting is beautiful. What do you think?

Nestling1 Nestling3 Nestling6Nikki-&-Fam-(197-of-199)Nestling7 Nestling8 Nestling9 Nestling10 Nestling11 Nestling12 Nestling13 Nestling14 Nestling16 Nestling15 Nestling4 Nestling17 Nestling2 Nestling18   Nestling19

Nestling do baby belly photography, birth photography, new borns, babies, christenings, birthdays, family, siblings and more. These girls are all about family and capturing the love. View their packages on their website here. Have a squiz at their beautiful portfolio here and check our their blog along with the rest of out photographs HERE.


I am SO grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these girls and I would HIGHLY recommend investing in a shoot by Nestling. Not only was is a wonderful experience but the memories captured in these beautiful photographs are immeasurable. I really hope to do more shoots with these girls as our little family grows, I wish they lived closer. Thank you so much Tash and Carmen for making us feel so special and loved. Xx

Nestling Contacts
Website: http://www.nestling.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NestlingPhotography?ref=ts&fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nestlingstudio

15 thoughts on “Our special photoshoot by Nestling Photography. Family photographers in South Africa.

  1. Beautiful Nikki! Thank you so so so much for the beautiful, generous and utterly kind review of your Nestling experience with us! It was an honour to meet you and your GORGEOUS family – after your session we left with our hearts full of love for you, and just couldn’t wait for you to see your images! We love how honest and real you are, and this truly does reflect in your images, the giggles, the utter adoration you have for Nic and Jordan – it’s all there! What a pleasure to capture your heart! Your light shines so brightly, and we will indeed forever be friends! <3 Lots of love from the Nestling girls!

  2. I’m breathless. This has to be THE most beautiful new family shoot I have ever seen. All teary! What wonderful memories to look back on. I’m sure Jords will delight in paging through them as he grows. xxx

  3. Just amazing Gosh Niks you look so much like you mum in so many of them xx these are just toooo beautiful for words x

  4. You know, I’m not normally a fan of photos shoots. They tend to seem quite unnatural and staged. But these are really, honestly stunning. You three (sorry Banjoe, I mean four) look like you are in your absolute element!

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