{REVIEW} Deryan – easy, small and convenient camp cots.


I just love reviewing products that I find so darn helpful. I love sharing what makes my life easier as a mom as I know there is not one mom on earth that doesn’t wish that things could be a little easier.

Nic and I are very social and we go out often to braais, lunches, we visit family and friends and we love to travel, even if it’s simply away for a weekend. We really want Jordan to experience all of this too and try our best not to let the admin of having a toddler get in the way of that. The one thing I have always struggled with is where to put Jordan down to sleep when we’re not at home. When he was a few months old, as a mom you’ll obviously know, he slept very often. When he was tiny there was no issue putting him in the middle of a double bed as I knew he wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere. By the time he started rolling, everything changed and he was still having at last 3 naps a day. This really made life incredibly hard to plan. I would find myself propping pillows up all around him, lining the floor on each side with cushions from friends couches etc.. it was just inconvenient and very stressful. We had to go and check on him every 5 minutes out of fear that he’d rolled off.. and just, no.

Regular camp cots are so bulky and difficult to transport. They are not quick and easy to assemble, despite what you may think. AND, most of them don’t come with mattresses so if you bring your camp cot to a friend for the day, you have to bring a mattress with too. Trust me, we have one of them. Inconvenient. When I found about the Deryan line of camp cots, I honestly felt robbed that I didn’t have one sooner.

IMG_6541 IMG_6546

How amazing is this product? It’s a pop up travel cot that folds up about as small as those round sun visors that you use in your car. Know the ones? Once out the carry bag, this entire cot literally pops up in about 2 seconds and weighs between 1.5-4.5KGs – for the whole thing. I know…right? There are different variants and colours but the cot I have (Peuter Luxe) comes with a self inflatable mattress that is as flat as a pancake when deflated and also folds up.


The cot also comes with a padded 100% cotton sleeping bag that attaches to the inside ‘floor’ of the cot so that it cannot shift around too much.

IMG_6562 IMG_6550IMG_6591

Can you believe that the cot, mattress and sleeping bag all fit into this little bag:
IMG_6614 IMG_6569IMG_6619

The Deryan line of cots are amazing for indoor and outdoor use and are made with UV resistant fabrics – perfect for the beach! You can use it as a play pen or just a fun hideaway and safe place during playtime. The cot also has mozzie screens for the outdoors, too and is completely breathable.

IMG_6583 IMG_6595 IMG_6598

I really am totally blown away by the simplicity and convenience of this product. The Deryan cots are suitable from birth all the way through to 5 years old, making them incredible value for money. I know we all like to get the most we possibly can out of the baby goods we spend our hard-earned bucks on.

Having a cot like this honestly makes a world of difference when you are social and love to travel. It’s small and light, easy to use and so cosy for your little one. Jordan just loves his tent and happily goes to sleep in it when we go to visit friends.. I make it sound like he goes to sleep so easily, he doesn’t. But once asleep, he is comfortable and happy to have his regular nap in his cosy tent no matter where we are. That’s a bonus for us. After his nap he climbs out of his tent himself and comes to find us. Perfect. Even I fit inside!


The Deryan cots retail from R990-R2,199 and you can buy them at Layette Essentials online here. Deryan will also be at the MamaMagic expo this weekend in Cape Town from 31 October – 2 November so make sure to pay them a visit.

Go and have a peek at Layette Essentials website here and get your shop on. I promise you that this product has changed our lives and has made leaving the house so much easier! x

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  3. Hello, I have a question. In the box of the travel cot, the min age is 1 yr. but in many webpages (like this one and that of Deryan) the min suitable age for this travel cot is 0. Can anyone explain which one is the correct one? My wife and I are now worried to use it for our 5 month old baby.
    Thank you in advance. Best, Massimo.

    • Hi Massimo, You can absolutely use the cot for your 5 month old. We used ours from about that age. It’s just something that you can use when you go out to friends or as a fun play tent in the garden. Of course just make sure that babies face is clear of any blanket as to create a safe environment. I don’t see what could go wrong at all 🙂

  4. Wow what a wonderful invention wish they had been around when mine were little, will definatly invest for for any more grand children that hopefully come along.x

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