{WEEK ONE} The Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. My bikini body challenge.


I am luckily enough to have never had a ‘weight’ problem. Good genes (thanks mom and dad) I guess? I am waiting for the day that this changes (age 30 they say?) because honest to goodness you should SEE the amount of junk that I eat. My diet is absolutely horrendous and I really should be somewhat overweight. For some reason I’m not, but I’m really not keen to know what my arteries look like. You see, there’s this thing called TOFI = Thin on the outside, fat on the inside. That has got to be me on some level. I would eat Macdonalds for lunch every day if I could, WITH a side order of garlic mayonnaise for my fries. I love the stuff. I am *very* capable of eating an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting. In fact, I sometimes make tea just so that I have something to dunk my mountains of biscuits into. Romany creams, lemon creams, Oreo’s, Zoo biscuits. Chips, oh glory, the chips. Chutney lays, cheese, salt & vinegar, Doritos. Cheese puffs from Woolies, you know? Those little pieces of pasty heaven stuffed with melted cheese. *drool* I used to get FIVE alongside my lunch everyday when I used to work across the road from a Woolies. Doughnuts. Bubbly top deck chocolate and sour worms. Shall I keep going? This is NOT good. Yes I have the odd ‘feed bad’ day where I buy almonds instead of crisps and water instead of a sugary creme soda but I need to be a little more consistent.

I need to start setting goals and changing things so that I can SHOW and teach my son about clean eating and a healthy active lifestyle. Not just for his sake but for mine too. Glory, he eats fantastically because I take such pride in preparing fresh, healthy food and snacks for him, but I don’t do the same for myself. When I was pregnant I ate so well and of course when I was still breastfeeding. As soon as Jordan wasn’t reliant on me and my body anymore, it all went downhill.


This challenge is not about weight loss for me. This is about becoming fit, healthy, toned and strong. I used to be a swimmer and a dancer, I KNOW what my body is capable of and I miss looking and feeling strong and fit. This is about drinking water instead of juice, snacking on nuts or fruit instead of a packet of chips, being able to run around the block and still being able to breathe. I am not about to give up on every delicious snack that I (clearly) love so dearly, however. One of my greatest passions in this world is good food and I could never give that up. Date nights and birthday parties would be ruined forever. This is just about moderation and a healthy balance in my diet. Summer is knocking on our door, so many people I know are doing health and fitness challenges and I find it so inspiring. I couldn’t sit on the couch scoffing any longer watching all these motivated people doing something to better themselves. I want a piece of the action.


People have commented on my photo’s / tweets and have told me that I don’t need to do anything to change my body. Thanks guys, you’re so kind but I am not fit like I would like to be, I am not as healthy as I would like to be and I am not as toned as I would like to be. I want to reach MY ultimate goal and be the best that I can be. Everyone has different goals and I need to do this challenge and make a few changes to reach mine.

A 12 WEEK (and beyond) CHALLENGE:

I recently joined the gym again after a 3/4 year dry spell. I haven’t exercised since before our wedding in December 2011. Not even before pregnancy, during pregnancy OR post pregnancy but I have recently joined the gym again to turn this all around. I am not the sort of person who is just able to go to gym and klap it. I used to walk around watching all the people do their thing so confidently wishing I knew what the heck I was doing. I would get embarrassed when I sat down on a piece of equipment and not knowing how it worked, especially if someone was next to me. Eek. I would do a bit of running, a bit of spinning, a class or two and a weight here or there but I didn’t have a clue. I was so scared to work the wrong muscles or injure myself and the worst part was that I didn’t have a goal. Goals are SO IMPORTANT I have realised. I eventually considered getting a personal trainer simply to explain my ‘problem areas’ to them and to learn more about the right exercises and use of equipment. Enter Kayla.


I have seen so much hype online about the Kayla Itsines bikini body challenge and I was so intrigued by all the amazing results I have seen online. Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer from Australia and she’s written two amazing ebooks. A 12 week workout guide and the a health / nutrition guide. The beauty of Kayla’s workout guide is that you don’t need to go to a gym to get it done.

You need a few basic things at home:
– A skipping rope
– Dumbbells
– A step bench – you know the ones they use in aerobics? You can use a staircase / table / chair as a replacement.
– A medicine ball (I have used a big pot plant in place of this! Stop judging me.)


I started the guide (for the first time) about a month ago. DAY ONE was ‘Legs and Cardio’. I really struggled. I felt dizzy because I hadn’t eaten or drank anything pre-workout. Afterwards I could hardly walk for 5 days because I didn’t stretch properly, and also because I hadn’t used so much muscle in a long, long time. I had to use my arms to lower myself onto the toilet because my legs wouldn’t allow me. I went down stairs sideways because that’s the only way I could get to the bottom. I couldn’t go down stairs holding Jordan and sometimes my legs would feel as if they were just going to give in beneath me and fail me all together. I am not being dramatic, I was SORE. I didn’t do another thing for the next three weeks. Two reasons: 1) I was so sore that I wouldn’t have been able to go on even if I tried and 2) Jordan got a tummy bug, I had root canal and we went away to PE for a family wedding. In hindsight, I started this challenge at the worst possible time, so I started fresh last week Monday. Hoorah!


After a week I am a lot less sore than I was previously and I feel GREAT. I am working toward a goal and it feels amazing to know where I’m headed, hopefully. There is so much inspiration and such incredible results out there. Keri from the blog Midlands Musings is doing the same challenge. Seeing her results was the (low fat) cream cheese on top of the provita for me. I have never met Keri in person but seeing her incredibly positive results is so much more ‘real’ and speaks to me so much more than seeing the results of someone I don’t know from a bar of soap on the other side of the world. The more I talk about this challenge online, the more people and friends I come across doing it. It’s so wonderful to see everyones results and even better to cheer each other on. The results on Kayla’s instagram account and transformations on her website are also all so consistent. I know I will see results eventually.


Everything works together.. seeing as I am working so hard on my fitness, I am thinking more about the things I choose to eat. I am not following Kayla’s eating plan but I am trying to eat as healthy as a I can and I’m taking a few ideas from Kayla’s H.E.L.P (nutrition) ebook. Again, all in moderation. You can go here to download Kayla’s ebooks. I am so excited for healthy glowing skin, a few abs to name and hopefully a cute bum which I long for so dearly. I can’t wait for the road ahead and having a goal makes this whole fitness thing seem so much more achievable.


Follow me on instagram: @nikki_viola if you’d like to keep up with my progress and follow my journey. I will be posting my progress there a lot more often than on my blog. I also plan to post a big week 4 update, an week 8 update and a final week 12 update on the blog, so look out for that. I would absolutely LOVE any tips or suggestions you may have so feel free to comment either here or on instagram with your pearls of wisdom.

**WEEK ONE – done and dusted**

Here’s to health, fitness, clean eating and feeling great about your body. Eek, I can’t wait! Xx

28 thoughts on “{WEEK ONE} The Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. My bikini body challenge.

  1. Hi there. I hope someone can help me out 🙁
    Has anyone here tried the Emily Skye workouts before? I’m trying to find some reviews and the only real one I can seem to find is this one here – http://bestworkoutguides.com/emily-skye-review/ it’s not very positive but I want to know if anyone else has tried her workout? I know your article is about Kayla Itsines but I came across it while searching google for Emily lol.


  2. Hey Nikki. I started week 1 cardio and legs on Monday. And I fell exactly the same as you first did. I felt like I was totally alone. I was only able to complete 7 minutes circuit 1 but my legs still feel extremely sore. I can’t walk down stairs properly or lower myself down on the toilet.I swear I have got a muscle injury. Really want to start again next week, but not sure if I can with extremely sore legs.

  3. Well done Nikki!
    How are you going with it now? Did you end up finishing the 12 weeks?

    I’m thinking about buying BBG but have my doubts because of all the mixed reviews. This web page has some good points – http://www.bikinibodyguidereview.com but after reading your write up I’m excited…I just wish it wasn’t so expensive lol..

    Do you have a page with any updates/pics ect I can see?


  4. Love reading about others BBG journeys! I am starting week 6 this week – feeling alot stronger but still finding the circuits extremely challenging. I’m having to modify certain exercises (still) as I’m still at a very low level of strength, for example I’m doing push ups modified on my knees until I’m strong enough to do them properly – but I’m making sure what when I do modify it’s still super challenging. I love/hate the circuits at the time but I find the feeling they give me after super addicting! Can’t wait to see you progress!

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  6. I just started BBG and was so happy to find this- I actually searched for “BBG soreness” because I didn’t think it was possible to be in so much pain.I’m not an inactive person, I go to the gym regularly and do pilates, but this workout knocked me out. I’d like to keep going but I also think maybe I should slow down so I don’t hurt myself. Since you were in the same type of situation, how did you have an easier time the second go around? are you still “feeling the burn”? and what changes did you make to make it more manageable? so curious!

    I’m stretching and making sure to have pre & post workout meals, and hydrating, but I had to inch my way down a flight of stairs. At this rate I’ll never be able to keep up with the workouts!

  7. Hey,

    i’m sorry about commenting on this so long after it was posted. But I wondered if you could answer my question. I’ve recently bought the BBG, but as English is not my first language, I wasn’t able to understand everything in it 100%.
    The resistance training – are you supposed to do each circuit twice? And do them within 7 min. each? For example week 1, monday: am I going to do circuit 1 (7 min) – circuit 2 (7 min) + circuit 1 (7 min) + circuit 2 (7 min)? I’m sorry if i’m not able to ask this question more clearly.. It’s just that I’ve started today, and I just did one of each circuit and it was SO hard, haha. I’ll die if I was actually supposed to do 2 of each.

    Good luck with your work out!

    All my best,

    • Hi Tonje, haha i feel EXACTLY the same – it is SOOO hard. I would recommend starting by doing each circuit once, don’t push yourself too hard. Do each as many times as you can in 7 minutes. Thats what I did and I find it does get easier with time. So do 14 minutes in total, each circuit once 🙂 DONT forget the stretching… SO important! GOOD LUCK x x x

    • I was incredibly unfit when I started and it was very difficult in the beginning but it gets easier 🙂 I promise! The guides doesn’t include an eating plan, you can buy that separately on Kayla’s website 🙂 GOOD LUCK x

  8. helllo ! just wondering if you did complete two rounds for the first day ? because i couldnt manage to complete two rounds , only manage to complete one . is it fine ? or do i have to force myself to complete two ?

    • Hello 🙂 I completed both circuits once. I didn’t do both circuits twice. I couldn’t manage with that. I think you should listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. These workouts are intense so you don’t want to injure yourself by doing more than your body is used to. GOOD LUCK x x

      • When you say you did both circuits once… Do you mean 7 mins + 7 mins or just 4 exercises + 4 exercises? It is too hard for me!! 🙁

        • I did 4 exercises and then 4 exercises. It’s incredibly tough in the beginning but it does get easier I PROMISE 🙂 I am restarting the guide from scratch as I failed miserably and then didn’t go to gym for three weeks. EEK. Good luck.. you CAN do it! x x

  9. Good job Nikki 🙂 I started Herbalife about 5 months ago. Along with that I am doing Zumba twice a week and my hubby and I eat healthier each night. I don’t like the idea of a diet or the “you can’t have this” eating plans so as you say, it’s all about moderation. I make sure we have lots of veggies, some sort of protein and then if we have starch, it’s not that much or it’s brown rice etc. I am loving the changes that I feel and so is hubby – we also stopped smoking when I started Herbalife so definately more healthy. It’s so great and so exciting! Find the exercise that you love and stick to that. As I said, for me it’s Zumba – the most fun I have had working out and getting into shape. Good luck and I (along with everyone else) look forward to seeing your results! *You go girl!!*

  10. I saw this online too and downloaded the free trial to see. I couldn’t walk for DAYS after the legs day. It’s so great to see someone else that I know more than a bar of soap doing it. Really keen to see your progress to see how it works. Could you also include what is expected of you in the guides? For example is it a 5 day a week program etc?

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