A weekend away in Simons Town & many GREAT treasures.

Nic went to joburg this weekend on some Derick Watts and the Sunday blues business. Be sure to look out for the next video! Every time he goes away, I’m reminded of how much I love him, and how much he REALLY IS my best friend. Banjoe and I decided to go and spend the weekend in Simons Town with my grandparents. We had SUCH a great time. Here is us in the car, Banjoe was SO good, like a baby, put him in the car and he’s OUT.

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Just putting it out there.

OK, so Nic and I have been together for just over 5 years now and married for 6 months (although it feels like forever ago). Having Banjoe in our lives is so wonderful, he is such a cutie, as naughty as he can be.

BUT…here’s the deal. I’ve been feeling increasingly broody with each day that goes by..and have been for a while now. Banjoe has not helped the situation. Looking after him makes me realize how much I love doting and caring for and loving and cuddling and being responsible for a little life.. Etc. Having him has made me realize how much I really love staying at home, I’m totally comfortable with it, we both are. I’m a HUGE family person. Its all that is important to me in life. Its my bee ALL and end ALL. I know Nic feels the same way.

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Pizza, Sunday and ceramics.

My grandparents and my aunt came to visit our new home over the weekend. And of coarse to meet the little Banjoe terror. They arrived with some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen – blushing brides.



They brought with them some their own old records and some of my moms. So special. Grandpa and nic tested them as we drank rooibos tea and caught up. We really need to service our radiogram, it works well but it could be better sounding, I think we need to pimp it out in a big way. Gosh I love that thing.

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