Pepper steak pie recipe.

So basically, this is about me. needing to. cook. MORE.

To be totally honest, Nic and I eat out more often than probably anyone else I know. We have this theory that eating out it cheaper when you calculate the electricity, Energy, food waste and the huge mess that you have to deal with. It’s not that I DON’T like cooking – its that I have never really gotten in to, if that makes sense? I have always gotten myself into a bit of a flap when thinking about what to make that will actually be worth the effort. When deciding what to cooke, about 3 ideas pop into my head MAX. Which is strange for someone who REALLY loves food. Like a lot. But I could probably name about 20 restaurants that we could go to to get  what is desired on that particular day.

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Rain rain, you make my weekend LAZY!

This past weekend FLEW by. I’m not the only person that thinks that. Like my friend Rox said this morning “I’m sure the earth spins a bit faster than normal sometimes!?”. It totally does. The weather has been SO miserable lately. It just rains. ALL the time. Thank heavens we have recently acquired a tumble dryer otherwise we’d be wearing wet clothes every day.

Friday night was filled with tequila and Mexican food which is always a serious treat. We met up with friends we really don’t see enough of. I LOVE catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Saturday was a GOOD day. I have never been happier receiving a text message at 7am that read “Puppy classes are cancelled due to the weather”. SCORE. I rolled over and fell right back asleep cuddling my hubby – one of my favorite things to do in life. Especially when its a Saturday, its cold and its raining outside. There really is NOTHING better. We took these pics before we went out for dinner:

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