Beach, Braai, Brolly & Bikini’s.

Sunday was a whopping 32’C – summer you BEAUTY!
We met our friends, Lol and Dyl at Noordhoek beach with our pooches, Banjoe, Deejay and Bear. The trio ran around on the beach, got dunked a couple of times in the waves and chased the ball (not Banjoe hehe). Banjoe mostly sat ON the blanket right next to us, bringing half the beaches sand contents with him. He’s needy. You must SEE Bear jump for the ball, I mean he reaches heights I don’t even think I can. I was impressed.

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DIY – Dip It Yourself. See what I did there?


So. I have been wanting to do a bit of DIY for some time now. I suppose its about making the time and not finding it – we all know that NEVER happens. Sunday was a lazy day, it rained and it poured so we spent most of the day inside. We did sneak out for about an hour to go to my favourite shop of all time – Builders Warehouse. I LOVE that place. They literally have everything you will ever need and so much more. We bought house numbers, finally, and brackets for our floating shelves that seem like they actually want to float away. Boo. I also bought some clay pots from the gardening section.

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DIY Bunting. The Nikki way.

I LOVE bunting.. Like LOVE. I have always wanted to make some, so when it rained and poured on Sunday – I decided to make some, amongst a few other DIY projects I whipped up that rainy day (will post soon).

I used a an old table cloth that had bleach messed on it previously, so it was ruined anyway. Might as well put it to some good décor use. Now I’m sure this is not the textbook way you are supposed to make bunting, but this is MY way, and I can assure you, its the easiest way.

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