Happy birthday Nic. Have a keg of delicious beer.

I’ve been asking Nic for a little while what he wanted to do to celebrate and next thing you know, without a word, I got a Facebook invite to “Nic’s birthday keg braai”.

It was Nic’s 28th birthday on the 17th of October and due a serious case of ‘end of the year madness’ we only had the chance to have a little get together this weekend. Nic organised the whole shindig which included a 30L Keg of Milk & Honey beer from Mitchells brewery. It was a hit, of coarse. It’s actually really easy to organise and very reasonably priced. If any one knows Nic, you’ll know how much of the love he has for a good beer, so this was a seriously great treat.

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The MOVEMBER song.

After MANY weekends of filming, trips to china town, brainstorm sessions, late nights of editing, and LOTS of shaving cream, FINALLY the new Derick Watts & the Sunday Blues parody video is upon us. THIS time it’s a ‘MOVEMBER‘ meets Carley Rae Jepson’s ‘CALL ME MAYBE’ parody video is support of the fight against cancer.

My talented husband and our friend Gumby (Gareth) started Derick Watts & the Sunday Blues only 1 year ago and since then have written, sang, directed, and edited some very succesful parody videos including Braai Day, The Car Guard Song, Behind the Lol’s and now the ‘Movember Song‘. They also did a short series of DO’s and DON’Ts called Good Idea/Bad Idea leading up to Valentines day this year.

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My latest iPhone pics & other news.

These are out latest pics. A lot of them are from SUCH a lovely trip we took out to Kalk way on the weekend. It was Graham’s (neighbor) birthday so we all took the train along the beautiful coast of Cape Town to a restaurant called Cape to Cuba where we ate seafood and drank cocktails.Typing that sentence now really made me realize how fantastic our little life really is. Blessed we are.

Banjoe had a little outing to De Waal park where he swam in the fountain and LOVED it. He made friends with a beagle and found a stick that he didn’t part ways with for quite some time. Will try to post a video soon. He is such a precious thing.

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The Santa Shoebox project <3

Every year at work, we all take part in one of the most awesome projects known to man. It’s called ‘The Santa Shoebox Project’.

The project enables kids (who would otherwise get nothing for Christmas) to unwrap a beautiful gift box filled with toys, toiletry items, school supplies, and an outfit to wear. All of which has been bought specifically with them in mind.

Christmas is such a exciting time of year for those who celebrate it. We all know how much we looked forward to (or still do) unwrapping presents, that were specifically chosen and beautifully wrapped JUST for us. Every child should be able to experience that excitement each Christmas. That is why I LOVE this initiative.

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My Chicken & Bacon pie recipe.

We LOVE a good homemade pie. Its relatively easy to make, and its just so, wholesome.
It really is my feel good food. Here is my chicken and bacon pie recipe. You will see that I add bacon and mushroom to many of my meals, its one of my favourite ingredients, Nic is a HUGE fan too. You really can’t go wrong with it.

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
600g cubed chicken breast
Black pepper corns
Roughly 8 rashers of bacon cut into large pieces (or you can use the whole pack hehe)
1 large onion, chopped
250g small button mushrooms
A sprinkle on thyme
2 tablespoons plain flour
400ml chicken stock
200ml milk
1 egg, beaten
2 sheets frozen puff pastry

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