A battle they didn’t choose. A life with breast cancer, in photographs.

My friend Melissa shared this story with me. It is so incredibly powerful and and brings tears to my eyes every time I visit the page. This story is so significant to me as my mom died of breast cancer after a long battle with it. Its rife in my family which is why I went for tests the other day.

Jennifer Merendino died of breast cancer in December 2011 after a long, 4 year struggle. Jen was diagnosed with the disease after just 5 months of marrying her true love Angelo Merendino. Jen was only 36. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotions Jen and Angelo had to face every day yet they were so strong, for each other. Angelo is an incredibly gifted photographer and documented Jen’s struggle with breast cancer in this beautiful way he knew how.

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#GiveThatBloggerAPen. And one for me too please?

This is not just a regular pen folks, its an Olympus Pen E-P3. Its a sexy little piece of work. mycamera have put together this awesome little challenge, how great is this idea? Six local bloggers were given the Olympus Pen E-P3 camera for 10 days to capture 3 set words ‘joy, ‘curious’ and ‘alone’. I would have struggled SO much. There is just too much inspiration around this city of ours, and what is so great about this competition is that anything really goes. The bloggers had total freedom to capture these ‘words’ how they truly see them, their own pieces of art. Everyone’s interpretation is so different. The bloggers included Angie Durrant Batis, Celeste Barlow, Dan Nash, Dylan Savage, Matt Allison and Natalie Roos.

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Banjoe plays dress up.

More like, we play dress up, with Banjoe.

Nic and I were relaxing around the house on Saturday morning and I thought I’d test my luck (and push the boundries of ‘ridiculous’ to a new level) and put my lumo Mr.P necklace on Banjoe. He was totally un-phased to my surprise. That’s when it started.

We had a bit of fun putting various objects on his head and I took some photo’s. While I fully acknowledge just how ridiculous this is, you have to admit that it’s pretty cute, and obviously it’s funny. Right? The top hat is our absolute fave. x

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Get your breasts checked. I did.

I have a lot of breast cancer in my family. My mom died when she was 34 from it, I was 9 and my brother, 6. My grandma (my mom’s mom) had a short bout of it about 2 years ago too, she was in her 70’s already and was able to fight it, she is as fit as a fiddle, as in, probably fitter than me. She also caught it very early, which is absolutely KEY to a healthy recovery. There is more family history than than that, but my mom and grandma are the closest to me who have had it.

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