5 things we are thankful for this past year of 2012!

We have had QUITE a year. It’s amazing how fast a year goes by, and at the same time just how much you can actually achieve in one. I CANNOT wait for 2013 and all the adventures and new things that it has is store for us. Excitement!

I’ve been seeing people posting things on instagram and facebook as everyone is reflecting over the past year. Here are OUR 5 things that we are SO thankful for and/or have achieved this year, it was SO easy to put this list together, there are more. We feel so blessed.

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Our Merry Christmas Eve.

We had such a wonderful Christmas. Quiet, but great. My parents and sisters have recently moved to Egypt, recently as in about a month ago! I was pretty bummed at the time that they wouldn’t be here for Christmas. I am huge on family Christmases.

We grew up celebrating Christmas Eve. Our parents and grandparents made the biggest deal of it when we were kids, it was really special. The house was always decorated beautifully with candles, wreaths and a little smoking man ornament with a pipe that blew out smoke that smelt all spicy and Christmassy and the tree was decorated by all the kids a few weeks prior. Grandma worked in the kitchen for days before hand, baking the most delicious Christmas biscuits and making croquettes which are always a part of our Christmas tradition. This year no one was in Cape town as my grandparents went up to my aunt in Durban to spend Christmas at their new house and my parents are in Egypt and we usually spend Christmas day with them, eating again, so we had a very small celebration this year.

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DIY Christmas wreath.

I introduce to you.. the EASIEST Christmas wreath DIY in the world. I have a wonderful grandma who is an amazingly talented quilter, she has quilted for as long as I can remember. My grandma has a phenomenal cupboard (or three) in her sewing room FILLED with fabric that is perfectly colour coded – it’s a dream for anyone remotely interested in textiles.

I raided my grandma’s cupboard for the fabric I used for this little project, but most fabric stores will have a box of off cuts for cheap cheap, if not free. Oh, and for the price of Christmas decorations these days, you might as well make your own, its fun and it’s special that way.

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Summer, and Old Khaki.

Summer is always a tricky time for me and fashion. I don’t tend to wear anything too short and I’m quite conservative actually in the sense of how much I reveal. I like to be as natural and organic as possible with my clothing, with the odd pop of colour or trend. Everyone who knows me, will know that I very rarely wear bright colours and it takes a lot for me to venture out into the world of floral / print / pastel and now, neon.

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WIN! Plascon goodies. HOORAY! [closed]

I have such an exciting Plascon giveaway to share with you, yay! Holidays are coming up and if you’re in the mood for a little bit of DIY around your house then this is for you. People always say to me ‘oh, you’re so lucky, you win everything’ – if you don’t enter, you won’t win. Simple.

Plascon is giving away 2L of paint in any colour of your choice AND a Plascon Spaces magazine to two winners. Seriously, this magazine is crammed with such awesome inspiration; summer trends, ombré paint jobs, paint dipping and so much more.
You really don’t want to miss out. The photography is absolutely breathtaking!

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