HAPPY EASTER to all our friends, family & followers.

We hope that you have a blessed and special Easter weekend with your loved ones.
Be safe on the roads, and welcoming on the food front. We started off our day with tea and marshmallow eggs in bed – I see where this day is going. Enjoy it!

All our love, Nic, Nikki, Banjoe and Baby boy Smal x

A movie under the full moon & the beautiful stars.

Yesterday I won two tickets from Stephanie Be and Galileo Theatre to attend the screening of Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels on the big open air screen at Kirstenbosch gardens. I have always heard about these movie nights and am SO glad we won tickets, cause now that we know how great it is, we’ll definitely be back again soon.

I love being social or doing something fun in the middle of the week. Although this is a long weekend and today is practically a Friday – most weeks need a kick in the butt on Wednesday – a sort of pick me up.

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It’s a BOY!

What a great morning we just had. Aside from having to sit in the doctors waiting room for 40 minutes after my appointment downing glasses of water in order to be able to give a urine sample – it was PERFECT. I really love our doctor. Her name is Steffi Hinz and she works from Vincent Palloti hospital which is really close to home. She has such a huge sense of humor and every appointment is full of laughs and fun.

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