TODAY, I fly. Egypt, here I come!

I’m flying to Egypt TODAY! I’m going to visit my family and I CANNOT tell you how excited I am to see my Dad, step mom Lindy, and my two sisters Aimee (14) and Mia (13). Yes, my family live in Egypt. I grew up all over the middle east, so although it might sound odd to most, it’s fairly normal for me. I have never been to Egypt before and I love an adventure, so this is just perfect.

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My 20 week pregnant belly & a note to baby x

So look, this belly is expanding at a rapid rate. Sometimes I catch Nic just staring at it. I have a feeling that is just going to get more extreme with growth. I love looking properly pregnant, there is no confusion anymore and people in the street and at work have started smiling at me when they notice the belly as I walk past.

I must say that I have never felt this feminine before. I am LOVING being pregnant, what a miracle. I am so lucky to be experiencing it in a way that leaves me with very little to complain about. I am fully embracing it and loving every second. I’m so excited for the coming months.

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My recipe for a perfect Saturday: Ice-cream, puppies, food and the beach.

Saturday was SUCH a beautiful day. It was 28’C, quiet and tranquil. I knew we had to do something glorious.

Kim and Gareth brought Chibi their pug puppy (Banjoe’s GF, I’ve decided) over to play and we went for brunch at one of my favourite places – Cocoa Cha Chi. I did a post on them a while back, I just LOVE their food. It’s also ridiculously close to home, which I still haven’t decided is a good or a bad thing. And as previously said, any restaurant that is also dog friendly = love. Their loyalty programme is also fantastic – I love stamp cards when the 10th item is FREE.

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Overwhelmed by baby things. And the perfect pram.

A few weeks ago we took a drive out to Tokai to visit one of my favourite places on this earth – The Food Lovers Market. I could literally spend HOURS there, but that’s a conversation for another day. Next-door to Food Lovers, is a Baby City. We thought we’d go inside and get a feel for things cause this little baby is on it’s way and we need to start collecting things here and there, mainly to spread the cost over a few months you know? Boy, it is overwhelming in there. The place is HUGE. It literally has everything you will ever need for your new born or toddler and things for moms to be. HOW on earth do you know what you need and what you don’t? If this doesn’t freak you out then nothing will:

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What I wore lately, it’s getting more difficult.

I have been finding it increasingly hard to dress myself these days, as most of my tops are too short once stretched over my belly. AND I only have 3 pairs of stretchy pants. I plan to fix this by hitting the maternity section at H&M when I go to Egypt. I cannot live without pants / jeans / tights.

This is what I wore lately, it’s been cold aside for Saturday which was a whopping 28’C x

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