Natural birth VS Ceasarean – these are my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about this subject more and more these days, obviously as I’m three months away from meeting our precious baby boy. I decided to put a few of my thoughts down because it’s a topic that people seem to raise with me on a very regular basis. For some or other reason.

Birth is something I’ve refused to acknowledge or think about up until now. As much of a reality as it is, I have avoided thinking too deeply about it simply because it scares the living daylights out of me. Why is that? Yes it’s an incredibly painful experience to go through, we all know that, more than I could even begin to understand without having gone through it. And no, I’m sure there is nothing easy about it. I have also recently realized that its OTHER PEOPLE that have instilled this intense fear in me. Not myself, the books or the natural birth videos I’ve seen online, but other people.

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Loving our hood & all the fun things that happen in it.

We LOVE Observatory. We love the community aspect of it and all the interesting people we get to see on a daily basis. We love the book store, the health shop and all the delicious restaurants and cafes that are so close to home. I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else right now. We are SO happy here.

This past weekend we heard about a little festival happening on lower main road called Open Streets which is an initiative that promotes respect for people, regardless of who they are, and how they move. They blocked off the entire lower main road and people could ride, skate, walk, roller blade or even hulla hoop down the road without worrying about cars, it was so nice not to worry and the vibe was incredibly festive. Kids and dogs were running free, there was yoga taking place in the middle of the road, bands playing, chalk art on the street, Virgin Active had zumba dance classes happening, there was giant chess and scrabble, folk dancing, hopscotch, a slip and slide, street soccer, hackysack and so much more. The restaurants were pumping and despite the cloudy and cold weather, the vibe was just incredible. We took Banjoe for a little stroll and really were blown away by the spirit of the people coming together and celebrating this day. I hope this initiative comes back with a vengeance next year. What an awesome idea to bring people together for a great cause. Find out more information about the initiative on their website here. I <3 OBS! x

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{GIVEAWAY} WIN 2 scatter cushions from Zana! *CLOSED*

Guys, how excited are you? As you know, I am a HUGE fan of Zana. I can’t get enough of their products and would happily wrap my house in Zana fabric if that were possible. Zana are so ‘on it’ and are constantly bring out a new range of beautiful prints. They have very kindly offered two of their gorgeous scatter cushions including* inners (from their NEW range) to giveaway to one lucky reader of this blog. Thanks Zana! See how to enter below.

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Dear Rae – the most beautiful jewellery store in town.

Dear Rae is one of the most gorgeous jewellery stores I have ever come across. Ever. I drive past their store in the Woodstock Foundry on my way home every day and have to force myself to focus on the road as I try so hard not to stare dreamily into their shop window, which in itself is just beautiful! I thought I would share the love.

Dear Rae have just launched their new online store, which is bad news for someone like me. It makes it so much easier to get my hands on the things I love, from the comfort of my office. The Dear Rae online store is incredibly user-friendly and the prices are clearly visible – a must for a successful online store.

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Decorating a baby’s bedroom & a little bit of paint inspiration for boys & girls rooms.

I always knew this was going to be one of the toughest decisions yet. Our baby’s bedroom. Wall colour. Decor. Furniture. OMG. Nic and I are both visual people and do ‘creative’ for a living, so when it comes to making a call on our first borns bedroom – you can only just imagine what a process it is for us to decide on anything. Not only is choosing a ‘theme’ or ‘look’ difficult, but to actually come to a mutual agreement on something is another ball game all together. I think we’ve got it though.

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