What I wore & my two favorite preggy items.

Leather jacket – Used to be my moms | Knitted scarf – Woolworths | Striped dress – Wardrobe | Burgandy tights – Next | Nude pumps – Woolworths.

I am totally running out of clothes. At 35 weeks pregnant, I refuse to buy more. The striped dress/top below is one of my favorites. When collecting images for this post, I noticed I have worn it rather often recently. I am also LOVING my spotty dress/top from Woolies. A real keeper, and I can also wear it after my pregnancy. That’s my goal. I like to still wear things that give me a bit of shape, otherwise I look like a big frump which unfortunately is how a lot of the maternity ranges are designed. I’m ALL about the tights and tight dresses and tops at the moment. And although I do own a handful of ‘maternity’ items, I am finding that squeezing into regular clothes enables me to keep my style, wear things that I’m actually comfy in and isn’t a waste of money because I can wear them all after baby arrives.

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Our beautiful Nautical Baby Shower <3

This past Saturday was our baby shower. I say ‘our’ because it’s not MINE. I believe a baby shower is a celebration. A day of support and love from our closest friends and family, richly filled with blessings for our baby boy and a little bit of help for our journey into parenthood. I have never been so blown away with the amount of detail, love, and effort put into one special day. I was told to be there at noon and that’s all I knew.

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Firm boobs and face fitness anyone? Mama Mio fan for LIFE.

Since falling pregnant, I must say that I’ve been a little concerned or should I rather say ‘intrigued’ about the HUGE changes happening to my body. I don’t know what I’m going to be left with after this pregnancy and I’m a little nervous to find out. Eek. I have not heard good things. Guys, I’m scared.

I have been roughly the same size since high school. I have always been incredibly lucky with my weight and have never really had an issue in that department. What I’m trying to say, is that my body has not changed much in the past 10 years, until now. The changes that are taking place now are huge – pun totally intended. My body is taking a bit of a knock and I honestly am starting to feel slightly whale like at 33 weeks along. My skin is stretching and pulling and growing in all areas, not only my belly.┬áLuckily I don’t have any stretch marks (yet) but let’s not count chickens shall we?

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Dudes to Dads. A little something for our guys.

Throughout this pregnancy thing, I have felt on more than on occasion that the men (dads to be) seem to get quite left out. It’s ALL about the women and the mom to be. I don’t think that’s fair. Our men are in this too, and are probably even more petrified than we are. That’s why I wanted to share this event with you. Mommy Matters, together with Richard Hardiman (local media personality) have put together an evening *just* for the men. An evening of snacks, drinks, education, and the odd rant if that’s what you need. New dads / dads to be will have the opportunity to ask the questions they’ve been *dying* to ask other dudes, things they don’t dare ask around women, let alone their own ladies. I don’t want to know the questions Nic has lined up. The horror.

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A few happy snaps as of late x

Between baby rooms, hospital authorizations, admin, home renovations we plan to do, a full time job, being pregnant and everything that goes with that, it’s been hairy. I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and I really love them because it’s all my favorite iPhone pics for the month in one place. Some arty, some not. I hope you like them. Xx