The Langaro {GIVEAWAY} winner is…


Congratulations Sharon! I am SURE that Amy is going to love you *forever*. Enjoy the prize Amy, I am SO jealous. Have fun being pampered by the lovely girls at Langaro, drink lots of tea and most importantly – RELAX. Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy and look after yourself well. I can now say from experience that becoming a mother is the most beautiful and life changing experience. Cherish every moment.

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Meet our baby Jordan x


On Wednesday the 21st August 2013 we welcomed our baby boy into this big wide world. I can’t even begin to explain to you what an experience it was, I still actually have to sit down and think about what I went through that day. But that’s a story for another day.

Our baby boy, Jordan Nicholas Smal, was born naturally at 5:20pm last week Wednesday (eleven days before his due date) after fifteen hours of pretty intense labour. Jordan was born exactly a week after me, and he gave me a whopping two days of maternity leave in which I cleaned the house pretty vigorously – I totally blame my early labour on that. I couldn’t be happier that he arrived early though. The more time I have at home with him, the better.

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A BIG GIVEAWAY With love from Langaro x {CLOSED}


I had the *most amazing* day of spoilage at Langaro Lifestyle Center out in Camps Bay the other day. Kirsty, owner of Langaro, invited me to spend the morning with them to be pampered BEYOND MEASURE. I was treated to three of their maternity treatments which all make use beautiful Mama Mio products, an exquisite range that has been specifically designed for pregnant skin. I did a post a little while back on a few of my favorite products here. I will never forget the morning I spent at Langaro, I have not been that spoilt, ever. I’ve never really been one to spend much on pampering myself but now that I’ve had a real taste of the good life, there really is no going back.

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Antenatal classes in Cape Town. The best ever.


Nic and I just finished a round of six-week classes at the Thula Baby Clinic in Mouille point. It was an amazing six weeks and I looked SO forward to our classes every Tuesday night. Whilst trying to choose a place to take antenatal classes, I did a bit of a twitter research. There are MANY different options, but Thula was one that seemed to stand out. Someone also told me that every week you get the *best* chocolate cake known to man, and naturally, that was the cherry on top for me.

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My dreams, aspirations & balancing act. Oh, and Happy Birthday to ME x


The days leading up to my birthday this year have brought about many emotions within me. I am feeling extra sensitive and it could be something to do with my hormones, but either way I am fragile. I am not sad emotional, at all. Just fragile. I am seeing beauty in things I have never seen beauty in before, I am trying so hard to be more patient and kind (another hormonal thing that has taken a grip of me lately) and I am realizing more and more the importance of ‘letting go’. A constant struggle for me. I guess my priorities are shifting in a HUGE way, as they naturally would when a baby is on the way.

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