The Spindel = my new best friend.


I received something the other day that I *know* is going to change my life. In fact, it already is and I’ve had it for like 2 days.

We had to get rid of our tumble dryer when little Jordan came along because we just don’t have space for it anymore. I was quite bummed because I’ve been warned about how your laundry load triples when you have a baby.. But wowee, I was not prepared. I have literally been doing washing every single day if not every second day since Jordan arrived. I only have a handful of newborn outfits so I have to work in a rotation schedule. Some days Jordan goes through 3 outfits. He either spits up on his clothes AS I bring the towel towards his face (two seconds too late) OR he wee’s on himself as little baby boys do requiring an outfit change. It’s not only the clothes, ┬áit’s the bedding, the burp cloths and the changing mat covers too. It’s never ending. Siiiiigh. Not to mention our day to day laundry and Nics millions of T-shirts and socks! It’s not fun. ENTER the Spindel..

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Two weeks post baby. A little update x


Baby boy has finally gone to sleep, leaving me with who knows how much time to quickly write this post. It’s been a work in progress as life has many beautiful interruptions these days. Things post baby have been.. hectic. I wouldn’t say more than expected though, but I guess you expect the worst. Having a baby really is a dramatic life change and not something you will ever be prepared for, and we are only 2.5 weeks in. It’s the best life change you could possibly imagine though.

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NEW: Zana totes!


Oh happy day! Zana products are branching out and it’s more fun than ever. Zana is one of my favorite home decor brands who make the *most* amazing scatter cushions. If you have not yet checked them out, ie: you’ve been living under a rock, then I suggest you hop on over to their website here and have a little browse. If you are not in a spending mood then hide your credit card very far away and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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A beautiful & thoughtful gift. Introducing Eskies x


The other night Nic got home and said there was a surprise on the way. I was having a little bit of a grumpy day (pre giving birth), so hearing that really cheered me up – obviously. I tried so hard not to pry. Later on in the evening Nics phone rang and he ran out the house returning with a VERY exciting looking brown paper package.

I was so excited when I saw the Eskie sticker as I just LOVE Eskies and you’ll soon see why. Nikita, the founder of Eskies makes the cutest little plush toys known to man. The best part? You can order a completely personal Eskie, something that NO ONE else has. Literally, anything you want! Nic and Nikita sent a couple of sketches back and forth and then she got sewing. You don’t have to be able to draw at all though. Nikita is incredibly talented and will help you out with any ideas you might have for your own Eskie creation. She will also send you a sketch of your Eskie for approval before she makes it. How cool is our little pirate man?

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