A nautical lamp shade DIY for Jordans room.


As you know, I have been working on my baby boys room as of late. We are going for a nautical theme and I can’t wait to show you the final product. I thought though, that I would share this little DIY with you. It could work anywhere, in any colour of course and in any room. I simply couldn’t find the right shade for the light in baba’s room. I look *everywhere* and had no luck at all.

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{GIVEAWAY} DETTOL – for the modern ‘housewife’ – CLOSED


Dettol is a brand of cleaning products that are so incredibly nostalgic to my childhood. The smell of Dettol *instantly* brings me back to grazed knee’s after a nasty fall on the gravel. It’s such a comforting smell though. I associate it with mom and making things ‘all better’ *insert high pitched mom voice*. Dettol have grown leaps and bounds in the years since then and now have an entire range of amazing products to keep our families safe from disgusting germs. I never thought that I’d be this excited about cleaning products. Let’s be honest, cleaning doesn’t really excite any of us (except the OCD). However, I received some products the other day to try around the house and I must say that I’m very pleasantly surprised. Look, I’m no stepford wife but these products make thorough cleaning seem very easy. Reading about cleaning products might not be something you thought you’d do today, but I promise you these products are awesome, I will definitely be keeping them in my cupboard permanently and would not be sharing them with you otherwise.

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Sunday morning + pregnant belly + camera + friends x


I am not huge on ‘maternity’ shoots. I have always been so aware of the potential cheese factor. Therefore I asked two of my friends, Ash & Stacey to come over and see what we could come up with. They hung out with us at home for the morning and snapped a few shots of us. I love how they turned out. Totally natural (some posed) but there was NO pressure and I felt totally comfy the whole time. I am not good in front of a camera so having friends over was no biggie for me. I just had to have some shots of my preggy belly.

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Beautiful maternity / breastfeeding clothing.. Babes with Babies.. read THIS.


I received the most gorgeous parcel all the way from the UK last week. Two beautiful boxes filled with flower petals, a little chocolate and some gorgeous goodies.

Babes with Babies is an exclusive maternity fashion brand that make clothing for fashionable women whom are breastfeeding or sporting a pregnant belly. Babes with babies are all about making moms feel stylish and fashionable while still rocking the mom thing. I know from personal experience, looking for maternity wear was a struggle. It was so difficult to find something that actually made me feel feminine. Everything seemed to be rather tent like / floral or covered in bows. Gross.

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