{REVIEW} The Aqua Scale baby bath.


This is one nifty product my friends. I love technology so when I heard about the Aquascale, I became rather giddy with excitement. The Aquascale is a new age baby bath, the best of the best let me tell you. The Aquascale is a baby bath with a built-in thermometer AND scale. You can weigh your baby WHILE he/she has a bath. How cool?


One of the things that distressed me the most about taking Jordan to the clinic was undressing him down to his bare bum in the cold to make sure he was gaining the weight he was supposed to gain. He hated it and screamed blue murder as a result. It really wasn’t fun for anyone involved. To be able to bath Jordan in warm soapy water suits me way better, and he loves it too.

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LOVE. And my talent for ridiculous nicknames.


I just have to pop in and put some of my thoughts down as I’m about to explode with emotion. I have NEVER loved anything more than I love being a mom. I honestly believe that God put me on this earth to be a mom. To be JORDAN’S mom. There are HARD times yes, but I have never been so overwhelmed with love for another human being. The love i feel for my child is the type of love i don’t think could ever be explained to someone who hasn’t experienced what its like to become a parent, to BE a parent. When I look at Jordan’s perfect face, his big blue eyes, his little button nose, his gorgeous little pouty lips, I struggle to believe that I have been blessed with such a perfect little boy. One of my favorite things is when he first wakes up in the morning or after his day time naps. The one side of his face is a little red from the warmth of his bed and he has a sleepy smile that he melts me into the ground with. He has this sleepy baby smell, I call him ‘freshly baked’ when he’s just woken up because he’s all warm and he smells just delicious. HOW can this little being be so perfect?

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The NUK freestyle soother. A review & GIVEAWAY.


I don’t have any gripes with dummies / soothers / pacifiers / dum dums – there are many names for the little comforters that are everyday companions in most young household, says NUK, and it’s true. I have also heard the word ‘binkie’ used before. Every child has a comfort item and Jordan is a particularly ‘sucky’ baby so I knew a dummy was right for him in the comfort department. I did however want to make the right choice in what I gave to him as there is a lot of controversy around the matter, I have had a few run ins with the fun police over the matter. Moms, I’m sure you are ALL quite familiar with the fun police, no?

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Baby Bird Basics. VERY affordable & stylish accessories for mom & baby x


A lovely twitter friend of mine recently became a Mompreneur – Mom + Entrepreneur. I love that term. Andrea is SO creative. Baby Bird Basics sell beautiful handmade (by Andrea) bandana bibs, dummy clips and breast-feeding covers. When I was still pregnant, Andrea sent me a little bandana bib for Jordan, they are just so beautifully made and so unique.


The one thing I really love about Baby Bird Basics and what makes Andreas business so unique is that your orders are totally custom-made. Andrea has a very wide selection of fabric on her website that you can choose from for your order. Andrea makes reversible bandana bibs so you’re able to choose the fabric for each side. SO cool.

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An *exclusive* offer from Gemquash x

Remember my introduction to Gemsquash a little while back? See that post here. I am a HUGE Gemsquash fan and am SO excited to announce that Gemsquash are offering readers a FREE laundry bag to the value of R215 if you spend more than R1,500 via Nikki & Nicholas. How cool?

Below are a few pictures of their various linen ranges, I am absolutely IN LOVE with the nautical range & am so lucky to have a nursery kitted out in Gemsquash linen. Jordan is a lucky bum. Visit the Gemsquash to see more and to fill that cart of yours will all things pretty. Happy shopping x

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