10 things I want my Jordan to know at 6 months old x


1. I miss you every night, even if I’ve seen you all day. You go to bed so early that by 10pm I wish I could wake you up for a kiss, a cuddle and a cheeky smile. I go into your room several times before bed just to give you a little kiss on your sweet smelling baby hair. You look so peaceful and content clutching your cuddle bunny in your arms.

2. I LOVE making food for you. It is one of my greatest joys. I love combining different flavors and making your little meals as interesting as they can be and I get so happy when you enjoy it. I love it when you open your mouth wide and reach your arms out in search of a spoon with something delicious on it. It is still such a novelty for me and I hope it never gets old. You especially love cold greek yoghurt and sometimes I put a bit of it on your spoon and trick you into eating your chicken. You open wide for more though, so it works!

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ALL about ‘The Nanny Notebook’.. a working moms dream!


I’m going back to work tomorrow but we are not going to dwell on that because the thought is just too much for my fragile heart to handle right now. However, I came across the most wonderful product to make our lives easier and to keep us all on top of things around here. The Nanny Notebook. Just to clarify.. this is not a sponsored post, I just feel very passionate about this product and absolutely had to share it with you!

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WIN a R1,000 gift voucher from Zana!! Your heard me.. {CLOSED}


By now you really should know that I am a totally Zana obsessed. If you’re new around here, let me enlighten you. Zana are a South African home decor and interior brand that focus of beautiful and bespoke prints and the highest quality fabric combinations. Zana started as a mom and daughter duo which they used to run from their home office part-time. Zana started their empire with scatter cushions and have since grown leaps and bounds employing more staff and empowering local woman to help them sew their gorgeous goodies together.

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Today is a big day for me.

Today is a big day for me. Let me tell you why. Our lovely nanny, Miriam, started working for us full since yesterday. She is from Zimbabwe and she is just the sweetest. She is a mom of two and has worked for our friends (and neighbors) for three years so she comes with great recommendation. I am going to be going back to work on the 19th February (more on that later) and so we needed to get someone full-time to take care of our precious boy while we are not able to be at home. Miriam is so great with Jordan and he really likes her, phew. She sings to him, plays with him and he has *such* big smiles for her. Even Banjoe does back flips when she arrives in the morning. Miriam carries Jordan on her back and he just loves it. She is a natural. As amazing as Miriam is, it is still SO hard for me but I am making the absolute best of it and (for now) that is all I can do.

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Buitenverwachting Picnics. A scrumptious summery feast.


Last week Thursday (30 January 2014) was my Grandpa’s birthday. We are so lucky that we were able to attend this year, with myself still being on maternity leave and Nic working such flexible hours. We spent Thursday indulging in delicious wine, tasty food and great conversation. Just a regular Thursday, you know.


We drove all of 15 minutes from home to Buitenverwachting wine farm in Klein Constantia. As we drove in Nic turned to me and said “this is why I love Cape Town, we have so many beautiful places SO close to home”. He is so right. There is so much to discover in Cape Town.. places we didn’t even know existed. Places we really need to make more of an effort to get to. We felt like we were in a different country sitting there below the ancient tree’s, drinking the most delicious Savignon Blanc you have ever tasted. At the same time though, it was so ‘Cape Town’. Gosh our wine farms are just beautiful.

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