Treasure baskets & Heuristic Play for babies.


Jordan has never been an ‘easy’ baby. I mean that with the most amount of mommy love one could possibly have for their child. No babies are easy, this is true, however I have observed other babies and Jords is definitely a level up on the ‘needy’ scale. Since an early age, Jordan has never liked being left alone to explore and play. I spent countless mornings at Thula Baby centre sipping tea and hanging out purely to be in the company of other moms and people who truly understood what I was going through. Jordan is such a curious little boy and gets bored incredibly easily. This means: A LOT of work for us. And by a lot of work, I mean.. it never stops as he cannot be left alone for even 5 minutes without getting upset. Yes parenting is full-time any way but most moms are able to at least put their babies down for a few minutes of alone time on their play mat. Jordan does not do this for more than a few minutes. It is truly exhausting.

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Our Jordan at 8 months old & lots of happy photographs to remember every moment x


On the 21st day of every month I am reminded that yet another month has gone by. It scares the daylights out of me that time is moving so quickly and that in four months you will be ONE YEAR OLD! On the 21st day of each month I reflect on the month gone by and am always blown away with how much you have learnt and developed in a mere four weeks. BLOWN AWAY. I can’t believe you are capable of learning and growing so much in such a short period of time. Leaps and bounds.

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ToyTOGGLE: A product that every mom needs.. and a chance to WIN one of three x {CLOSED}


I have discovered a product that I simply cannot live without. If your baby still makes use of a high chair / pram / car seat – this product will change your life. I am not quite sure how this didn’t exist before now, or the fact that it wasn’t a part of my life sooner.

Jords absolutely adores throwing his toys off his high chair leaving them covered in dog hair / slobber from Banjoe who very cleverly waits below for things to drop to his level. I used to have to wipe everything down and wash and sterilise dummies and teething toys more often than necessary. Keeping things clean is especially hard with a cheeky little Jordan who finds it fun to throw toys on the ground and watch you pick it up over and over again. Sausage. Enter Toytoggle.

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Tired and a bit frustrated, but forever grateful.


This parenting gig is NO joke let me tell you. If you are a parent then of course you’ll know. As someone who usually has a grip on everything, I have never felt more challenged in my entire life. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Seven and a half months in, this is the first time I feel totally helpless. Jordan has always been an incredibly curious little boy. He watches people and things with such intense concentration, taking it ALL in watching every movement, colour, leaf blowing in the wind. He has always been that way. Now that he is discovering that there is more to life than lying down and sitting up, he wants to get moving, he wants to explore.. he’s desperate for adventure.

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