Our special photoshoot by Nestling Photography. Family photographers in South Africa.


A few months ago we were contacted by two photographers from Joburg, Natasha and Carmen. The girls were coming to Cape Town for a little working holiday, to capture the memories of a few Capetonians, Nestling style. These girls are the epitome of joy. I feel SO blessed to have met them and to have experienced a family photography session with them. Carmen and Tash, the girls behind Nestling Photography are bursting with passion which reflects in every ounce of their wonderful business, Nestling.

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{Moms of Twitter} Part 1.


I have been on twitter for roughly three years now. For the first year I probably tweeted a grand total of about 5 times. I didn’t know how it worked and I didn’t see the point. To me, tweets were basically unreasonable amounts of ‘Facebook statuses’ being uploaded every few minutes. As technology progresses, so do we. Things are a vastly different these days. Hardly a single day goes by that I don’t catch up on twitter at least several times a day over a cup of tea. Unless I’m (heaven forbid) in an area with no internet. I follow some incredibly comedic people, a few crazies, food enthusiasts, travel writers, musicians, brands, and my favourite = MOMS.

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{REVIEW} Momi baby bags. Fashionable baby bags in South Africa.


I received a beautiful Momi baby bag the other day and I have not stopped using it since the day it arrived on my doorstep. When looking for a nappy bag initially, I struggled to find one that was both fashionable and functional. Everything I found was either far too brightly coloured or childish, too small or really bad quality. I have had one fall apart on me in the middle of Woolworths, not joke. Baby bags need to be pretty, they go everywhere with you and become your new handbag. Unless I’m alone, I never use any of my pretty handbags anymore. *sob*

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Nine months in, nine months out.


I can’t believe that it was a whole nine months ago that you came into our lives special boy. With every day that passes we are floored with how blessed we are and with how much we love you. You are growing so quickly, you are asserting your independence all over the show and your little teeth are the cutest on you.

You are crawling up and storm and it’s so entertaining to watch you explore and move around the floor. Everything is new and interesting to you, especially the things you are just not allowed to have. If there is cable in sight, you will find it. If there is a mug on the table, you will find it. Everything goes in your mouth and you have a fascination with Banjoe’s chew toys. Grossies.

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Chocolate Brownies Recipe. World Baking Day with Stork #pledgetobake.


Welcome to World Baking Day – 18 May. What a wonderful excuse to ditch the diet and bake something marvellous to treat someone special, no? I pledged to bake and teamed up with Stork.. their challenge to me = baking chocolate brownies. Stork delivered a pledge pack to my door filled with everything I needed to put this deliciousness together. I’d never baked chocolate brownies before!? I put that question mark there because I really don’t know what’s taken me so long.

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