{WEEK ONE} The Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. My bikini body challenge.


I am luckily enough to have never had a ‘weight’ problem. Good genes (thanks mom and dad) I guess? I am waiting for the day that this changes (age 30 they say?) because honest to goodness you should SEE the amount of junk that I eat. My diet is absolutely horrendous and I really should be somewhat overweight. For some reason I’m not, but I’m really not keen to know what my arteries look like. You see, there’s this thing called TOFI = Thin on the outside, fat on the inside. That has got to be me on some level. I would eat Macdonalds for lunch every day if I could, WITH a side order of garlic mayonnaise for my fries. I love the stuff. I am *very* capable of eating an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting. In fact, I sometimes make tea just so that I have something to dunk my mountains of biscuits into. Romany creams, lemon creams, Oreo’s, Zoo biscuits. Chips, oh glory, the chips. Chutney lays, cheese, salt & vinegar, Doritos. Cheese puffs from Woolies, you know? Those little pieces of pasty heaven stuffed with melted cheese. *drool* I used to get FIVE alongside my lunch everyday when I used to work across the road from a Woolies. Doughnuts. Bubbly top deck chocolate and sour worms. Shall I keep going? This is NOT good. Yes I have the odd ‘feed bad’ day where I buy almonds instead of crisps and water instead of a sugary creme soda but I need to be a little more consistent.

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{Moms of Twitter} Part 3.


I have enjoyed doing this series so much. The amount of love and amazing advice these ladies have to offer is priceless. Read part one of {Moms of Twitter} here and part two here. Thank you for your valuable and wonderful advice, ladies x

Sharon van Wyk
Twitter name: @SharonVW
Blog: www.theblessedbarrenness.co.za
Sharon has two beautiful daughters: Ava-Grace age 4, Hannah Faith age 1.


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