Help save our Rhinos with CNA and WIN a R500 gift card. {closed}


Our family have a beautiful holiday house very close the border of the Kruger National Park. We have been so blessed to be able to visit that house during many holidays growing up. As kids we were so exposed to all the beautiful wildlife our country has to offer. It’s so very dear and close to my heart. We spend so many balmy evenings sitting in bird hides at water holes, watching the animals, some with babies, all gathering around to drink or bath themselves or their young. I have the fondest childhood memories of early morning / late evening game drives. I feel so privileged to have seen the BIG 5 in ‘real life’ more than once. Something I fear Jordan’s kids or even Jordan may never get to experience the privilege of seeing.

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{RESULTS} My 5 day ‘Skinny Juice Co’ cleanse. Giveaway closed.


I DID IT! Thanks to The Skinny Juice Co, I completed my first 5 day juice cleanse. Read my first post all about it here. Listen, it was not easy and I am embarrassed to admit that I did cheat a teensy bit but I still finished it and I am SO proud. I have to be honest with you all otherwise what’s the point, right? Here are my physical results:

Weight loss
I started the cleanse at 54.5KG and lost a little over 2KG’s, leaving me at 52,3KG.

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Jordan’s 1st Birthday. A very special day to celebrate!


Two weeks ago we celebrated our little Jordan’s very FIRST BIRTHDAY! What an incredible milestone for us all. I cannot believe we met our gorgeous boy one entire year ago. It has been a roller coaster of fun times, hard times and the BEST times we have ever experienced. The heaps of advice, books, parenting apps and unnecessary Baby City purchases have definitely schooled me into what is important and what isn’t. Above the obvious, all a baby really needs is LOTS of love. There is no shortage of that for our precious Jordan.

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{REVIEW} Fresh Squeezed Feeding Line.


Babies LOVE squishy food pouches. Those food pouches have been good to me when I simply have not had the time to prep something fresh to take in the car with us or keep in my bag when we’re out and about. However, I can’t help being skeptical of something that has a shelf life of over a year.

Jordan loves eating food out of a pouch and always ends up eating more than if I had to feed him out of a bowl with a spoon. Jordan has also become very impatient since he started walking and getting him to sit in his highchair for longer than 3 minutes is a great feat. I have found myself running around like a headless chicken with a bowl and spoon trying to get Jordan to have a few mouthfuls while he plays. It’s an incredibly messy process, Banjoe loves it for all the food that ends up on the floor, but I do not. Also, forget about getting him to eat anything when we are out and about.

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The Skinny Juice Co. My 5 day juice detox.


As mentioned in my previous post.. the past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of birthdays, kids parties, work commitments, junk food and..well.. life. We have been so incredibly busy, the type of busy that barely leaves room for exercise and a good diet. Yes, I know that you MAKE TIME, but it really has been tough lately. I have been desperately  trying to get a grip on my eating habits as quite frankly, they are shocking. I need to take control of my body and my health and I have teamed up with The Skinny Juice Co. to begin my journey of setting things straight.

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