{REVIEW} Deryan – easy, small and convenient camp cots.


I just love reviewing products that I find so darn helpful. I love sharing what makes my life easier as a mom as I know there is not one mom on earth that doesn’t wish that things could be a little easier.

Nic and I are very social and we go out often to braais, lunches, we visit family and friends and we love to travel, even if it’s simply away for a weekend. We really want Jordan to experience all of this too and try our best not to let the admin of having a toddler get in the way of that. The one thing I have always struggled with is where to put Jordan down to sleep when we’re not at home. When he was a few months old, as a mom you’ll obviously know, he slept very often. When he was tiny there was no issue putting him in the middle of a double bed as I knew he wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere. By the time he started rolling, everything changed and he was still having at last 3 naps a day. This really made life incredibly hard to plan. I would find myself propping pillows up all around him, lining the floor on each side with cushions from friends couches etc.. it was just inconvenient and very stressful. We had to go and check on him every 5 minutes out of fear that he’d rolled off.. and just, no.

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{RECIPE} Baby friendly meatballs.


Jordan really is a difficult eater. By that I mean.. anything else is far more interesting than eating which seems like such a chore to him. I have stopped spoon feeding him completely. For about a month now. He is just not interested. He is such an independent little boy and loves to figure things out for himself, even at this age. I have started ‘baby led-weaning’ if you’d like to put a name to it. Basically, Jordan feeds himself. I don’t help him. I make a few goodies and put them bit by bit onto his high chair tray. I don’t even give him the plate because he flips it off the chair and although Banjoe loves him for it, plates just don’t work. I also don’t give him his entire dinner at once because I find he gets a bit overwhelmed with all the choice and then doesn’t eat a thing.

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On being an adult & making decisions. A few thoughts that occupy my head space.


It’s Nic’s 30th birthday on Friday. Naturally, we have been thinking and talking a lot lately about how challenging this whole ‘being an adult’ thing is. We feel so grown up! It really is tough when you still feel like such a kid at heart. Yet, there is no one to run to when times get tough and we have to rely entirely on ourselves and each other for the money that comes in and very quickly goes out of our household. It was my 10 year high school reunion last weekend, seeing my school friends placed me right back in that space, yet here I am with a husband, a child and a bond to pay. Life is SO expensive, especially when a baby is involved. Every month there is a new need and you really never know what is around the next corner so you have to be ready for just about anything that life decides to throw your way. Preparing for your future and for the future of you children is not an easy task and something that cannot be ignored or pushed to the side.

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{HOME} Updated pictures of the very special place we call home x


I’ve had this post saved for almost a year but it’s finally time to share it. Our home is constantly changing and evolving so every time I want to post it, something changes. We bought our home sweet home just after we got married in December 2011. In the midst of wedding planning we were making offers on this little gem in Observatory, as we simply HAD TO have it. As we got back from our honeymoon our latest offer was accepted and since then we have not looked back. We *absolutely* love our house and our neighbourhood. We know just about all the people who live in our street and so many other people in our area. We even have a ‘Obs Moms’ whats app group. All the restaurant and cafe owners close by know us well and greet Banjoe and Jordan by name. Observatory has *such* a sense of community. We just love it. We have an amazing kids park and a separate dog park. Both are safe, gated and the residents all have a set of keys. Our parks are beautifully maintained and within walking distance from us.

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{BEAUTY} Inside my makeup bag. A few products I can’t live without.


Welcome to my first ‘beauty’ post ever. I am a huge makeup fan and although I am no guru, I am so excited to share my favourite products and a few simple tips that work for me. Because I am not a makeup artist or beauty expert, the products I use are very simple and super easy to use. I really don’t have a lot of time for makeup. Ten minutes tops. Maybe 15 if we’re going out somewhere special. I will be sharing a few products that I have discovered with you over the next while.. products that I have tried and tested and work really well. Let’s start with my basic makeup bag, though.

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