Precious Jordan, home renovations & a few happy snaps.

Life is just flying by. Between home renovations, wrapping my head around moving, packing and all that goes with that, I have barely had a chance to think, let alone log into my blog to share any of it with you all.

Renovations are in full swing. We have had gardeners and landscapers here almost everyday sorting out was used to look like a literal rubbish dump. We’ve had a guy and his trusty bakkie do about 6 FULL loads of rubbish that has been collected in the garden here over the last few years. Scary. There were tenants living in the house prior and they really didn’t maintain anything. The pool was green and the garden was practically just sand. We have had new floors put in the kitchen and dining room – white screed flooring – I am totally in love with it. The laminate floor guys started yesterday and things are looking just beautiful in that department. I will do a post with all the service providers we’ve used soon, in case anyone reading this has some up-vamping to do.

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