On being a stay at home, working, Mom.


Things have been so crazy lately. Life. I’m sure you have noticed by the crickets hanging around on my blog lately, that I just haven’t had a chance to write. I feel like I am being pulled in every direction, I have to be a little bit of everything; A mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a cook, a cleaner, a calendar, a coordinator, a home maker.. This is what moms are, right?

Jordan is approaching two and I am struggling to wrap my head around that to be honest!? How has it been nearly two years since he joined our family and our lives? Nearly 3 years since we found out we were going to be parents! I can almost not imagine what life was like without Jordy in it.  Some days I long for some peace and quiet without the sound of plastic motorbikes, water being spat onto the floor (after being told a million times to not do it), moaning for this or that, sounding like a broken radio “STOP eating the play dough!!”. I long for a moment of peace to simply write a blog post or paint my nails. Right now, as I type this, an inflated whoopee cushion has just been placed on my head and Jordan has just spat a mouthful of water on my lounge table.. Again. I sometimes worry about his hearing. Not really. He’s just testing me, I know this. Life seems like one constant test because I KNOW that he understands me. I’m also feeling a little bit (VERY) tired and overwhelmed with the fact that Nic is going away for 10 days and I will have to deal with this firecracker boy on my own for that amount of time. It’s been non stop with Nic and Gareth practising for their Grahamstown festival live show every single night for the past few weeks. I feel like we are just passing one another.. we haven’t been on a date night for months. Of course its taxing on our relationship but this too, shall pass. It has to.

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{REVIEW} The new 6.5KG Spindel. Spin dry your laundry in just 3 minutes.


Okay so if you haven’t heard about this Spindel before.. A) You’ve been robbed of your precious time and convenience, and B) You will not want to go on without one after reading this.

The Spindel is a nifty little appliance that came into my life when Jordan was a few weeks old. Now if you have kids, or if you just like to get changed multiple times a day and you have a stack of laundry that sends you into near cardiac arrest.. you NEED on of these little machines in your life.

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(RECIPE) Tagliatelle with tomato & rocket pesto.


I have never been a maser chef. Mainly because pre Jordan, Nic and I were extreme social butterflies. We had more time (and money to eat out. Things have changed some what although even post Jordan, living in Obs we had a wealth of cafes and restaurants a stones throw from our front door. Nasty for the ol’budget but dangerously convenient for the days where I just didn’t have the energy to cook.

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