Earth friendly & educational kids bath products.


I have always found it incredibly important to educate children about environmental awareness from a young age. This way they really LIVE it. If you implement eco friendly ideals in your home, your children will mimic and hopefully grow up doing the same. One can only hope. We started when Jords was a mere 2/3 months old by switching over the Fancy Pants reusable nappies. It was the best decision we ever made. We have not only saved money but we are doing our bit to save the planet. We are have a weekly recycling service in our area that collects your paper, plastic, glass and tins of the same day as your garbage. We don’t claim to be ambassadors on environmental awareness but I will certainly choose an earth friendly product over a regular one. Any day.

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{DIY} Easy Christmas decoration DIY to do with kids.

IMG_7371 copy

I have seen the cutest Christmas DIY’s floating around Pinterest, including this one. Let’s be honest – with a two-year old, this is about as complex as it get’s in terms of DIY-ing together. Usually the parent ends up doing the whole DIY but Jordan was pretty into this one. I thought I would share as it’s simple, easy and fun.

The plan is to make a Christmas decoration with the kids every year as a keep sake. One day they’ll be too old to want to because it won’t be cool anymore. But hopefully by then we will have a tree filled with beautiful hand-made memories from over the years. Remember this one? It was one of my favourites and it’s just SO lovely if it’s your baby’s first Christmas.

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{Pictures to treasure} Our family session with Nestling photography on Noordhoek beach.


I have been DYING to share these with you because I am smitten. You might have seen my previous posts about Nestling Photography.. Joburg based photographers. Natasha and Carmen make up the talent that is Nestling Photography. The girls of Nestling have such an intense passion for what they do. Tashie and Carmen’s love for photography, families, children and documenting true love and relationships is SO evident in their exquisite work and every inch of themselves and their business.

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