Welcome to our world, little Micah.


Our little Micah. I cannot tell you how happy we are that you’re here. You made your grand entrance into our world at 3:30am on Wednesday the 24th February 2016. It was so incredible seeing a little 3,070kg you for the first time after what felt like a very long wait.

You look so much like your big brother Jordan when he was your age.. but you also don’t. Jordan has been absolutely incredible with you. And not even because we told him what to do or how to be but I think because he genuinely knows that you, little Micah baby, are now a part of our tribe and he really, really loves you. You’re often the first person he asks for when he wakes up or gets collected from school. Jordan cannot walk past you (sleeping in your Moses basket) without giving you a little kiss or a gentle touch on the head. Jordan also LOVES to tell us how ‘whittle’ your nose, eyes, feet, hands and fingers are. And how big his ‘big boy feet’ are in comparison. He is so proud to be your big brother.. You really struck gold in the sibling department there my sweet boy. Jordan adores you.

Micah11 Micah6 Micah4Micah8Micah5 Micah3

You have been on so many outings already, mommy can’t stand cabin fever. You are gaining weight beautifully and have already grown so much in your first 6 weeks of life. You even smiled at me the other day and my mommy heart nearly exploded. You are so strong already and love to stare at mommy while I talk to you or at daddy while he sings to you. You are completely entranced with contrasting colours and love to stare at the white curtains against the black wall in our bedroom. And the white slatted cupboards. Yesterday I even caught you smiling at the cupboards, you funny boy.

Micah2 Micah7Micah9 Micah1

Gosh sweet pea, my little fat man, you are SO loved, by us all. You have brought us all even closer together as a family and we are so excited for all the adventure in our future!

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