Around the world with DUPLO.


We are such HUGE Lego fans. in this house What a legendary product. A part of my child hood for sure. My brother and I collected Lego together and strangely enough, we watch a home video the other day of Nic and his brother opening birthday gifts and when the one had a particular set, the other would always get the complimenting set for his Birthday so they could play together. Lego and Duplo have brought hours of fun to children and adults all over the world. Nic is still very much into his Lego, on a mission to collect every bit of Simpsons Lego paraphernalia¬†there is to collect. He is currently working on building the Simpsons house and has the Kwik-E-Mart on the top of the list for his next project. It’s taken him much longer than expected because…kids. But he find it so therapeutic after a stressful day.

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