{WIN} My First Truck from Duplo.


So as you might know, we have teamed up with Lego Duplo to showcase all the new amazing products whilst giving you a chance to win a product every single month until December. How cool? If you didn’t see last months post on the ‘Around the World’ Duplo set, have a look here. It’s so amazing to partner up with a brand as iconic as Lego, we are genuinely HUGE fans.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much Jordan loved the My First Truck set. Don’t you think it’s funny that by nature girls and boys generally like different things. Jordan is naturally drawn to trucks, cars, trains, golf carts (!?), lawn mowers, diggers and anything that has an engine basically. He always has been. We didn’t ever tell him to like these things, he just kind of did and I swear that the best outings in the world for him are to building sites where he can sit on the trucks and diggers and pretend to be a ‘worker man’ driving a digger truck.

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Help your toddler to sleep later in the morning. Explaining the Gro Clock.


For as long as I can remember, Jordan has woken up at 4:45/5am. That’s when our day used to start. 95% of the time he doesn’t ‘sleep through’ until then either. He wakes frequently for milk or water and even though he generally goes right back to bed, the broken sleep is a killer for all involved. We have tried everything.. later bed time, earlier bed time, no afternoon nap. NOTHING has worked. Jordan has a busy morning at school so by the time he gets home at 12 he is exhausted and sometimes even asks to nap, although that has stated to fall away as well which makes for a loooong day.

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