{WIN} Spur Virtual Reality Goggles.


Guys if you’d told me even 10 years ago that virtual realty goggles were a thing, I wouldn’t believe you. Technology is moving so fast and even I (at age 30) feel too old for it. 

For those who don’t know, let me tell you a little bit about virtual reality goggles. The goggles work in conjunction with your phone which straps onto the goggles to make it work. You download virtual reality apps for your phone which you view through the goggles to give you an incredibly realistic 360′ view replica of an environment. Wether it be a forest or a museum.. you can look up, down, left and right and explore the digital environment and experience it as if you were really there. Cool hey?

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Jordans Super Hero 3rd Birthday party.


Jordan had a dress up day at school a while back, they were able to wear whatever they wanted. Nic and I bought Jordy a batman mask and a cape for the occasion and since that day, Jords has been asking for a Super Hero party. Not a day goes by that Jords doesn’t give his mask and cape a spin. Poor Nic never has to go to gym a day in his life the amount of times he throws super hero Jordy into the hair and flies him around the house.

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