It’s a wrap and we have ALL the love for Lego.

I’ve decided to do a little wrap up of an amazing 6 month partnership with Lego and Duplo. I was so excited when they contacted me to work with them. From the around the world sets to my first caterpillar, we have had the best time unwrapping and exploring these amazing products. Nic and I are such huge Lego and Duplo fans. We had Lego and Duplo growing up and even as an adult, Nic is absolutely besotted with Lego. What’s not to love?

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Festive shopping made easy with Toy Kingdom. #TKFestiveWishlist

Christmas shopping is not for the faint of heart. As much as I love it, I loathe it. It’s such a beautiful and happy time of the year amidst all the chaos, I love it. The one thing that stresses me out about Christmas time is buying gifts for people people I hate giving mediocre gifts. Mediocre doesn’t mean inexpensive by the way! I get my self into a total knot about spending money on something and then wondering if the person is even going to love it. I HATE giving generic, unthoughtful or useless gifts. The absolute horror of a gift I have given being banished to the ‘regift’ drawer is a legitimate fear of mine. I also find the kids quite a challenge to buy for. I was stuff for them that isn’t going to just sit on a shelf collecting dust. I was them to have toys that they are able to explore and for the most part, learn from.

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{RECIPE & WIN} Moroccan vegetable & Chick Pea Curry. #FoodLoversFestive

I am LOVING sharing these recipes with you all. I absolutely adore cooking as it is and since becoming vegan I have had an absolute ball experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes. I went to visit my Grandparents the other day and my Grandma had a lovely book called ‘Heavenly & Healthy foods‘. I stole a few recipes from it and I am sharing one with you today.

This is the epitome of a balanced meal. There is SO much goodness in this meal and it is so incredibly tasty. The kids loved it and it made the most massive pot I have half of it frozen in the deep freeze for a lazy day.

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{RECIPE} Cauliflower rice with mushrooms & spinach. #FoodLoversFestive

So as part of my collaboration with Food Lover’s market, I am sharing some of my favourite vegan recipes with you. Food Lovers market is a absolute heaven for me, Nic and I spent close on 3 hours in the Tokai branch this morning. I walked out with the biggest trolley of fresh fruit, veggies, a fresh HOT loaf of bread, some new kitchen cloths, tons of nuts, jelly beans and dried fruit. They literally have everything there.

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{REVIEW} My first Caterpillar with Duplo.

If you have a little person in your house or you’re on the lookout for a Christmas prezzie for your first grandchild – look no further. My First Caterpillar from Duplo is just the most gorgeous thing.

The recommended age is 1.5 – 3 years and although Micah is a bit younger – he could spend ages playing with a box of Duplo. The colours and the sounds of the blocks clanking against each other make for some great explorative and fine motor skills play.

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