{REVIEW} KURO-Bō – an Eco-Friendly 100% natural way to filter water.

There has been much speculation about the quality of the water in Cape Town given that our dams are at an all time low. The quality of the water is in question and I am not sure wether or not that is a fact, but one can’t be too careful.

We have been drinking purified water for years in our household. Of course we have the odd glass of tap water here and there but filtered fridge water is definitely our preference.. as Jordy calls it “ice water”. Nic is convinced that there are health benefits to drinking ice cold water – probably a load of nonsense but he swears that it has health benefits.

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Surviving our first year as parents of two – a little bit of honesty.

I wake up every morning desperately hoping that today will be the day that I finally have some time to sit down (in peace) and write a blog post. But life. It’s hectic to say that absolute least. Perhaps relentless is a better word. Don’t read on if you aren’t willing to hear some brutal honesty and perhaps a bit of whinging. I am never been so busy and a shift in priorities also has something to do with my scarceness around here. Not that I don’t adore sharing and writing, I’m just not going to exhaust myself trying to make sure that I write a certain quota every month. I write because I WANT to, I write when I have the time and not because I feel guilty or pressured to do so. Sure, I do feel a sense of urgency and guilt when I haven’t put a post out in a while but at the same time, I have a life and a family to take care of and they most certainly come first. Every little moment of peace needs to be cherished because they come very scarcely around here. While we’re here, I want to thank YOU, my very loyal readers and followers for allowing me to have this approach. You guys are amazing because you’re there and you’re interested when I do put something out for you to read, you encourage me and support me in my quiet moments and I cannot thank you enough for this.

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