An Easter treasure hunt with Cotton on Kids.

When Cotton on Kids approached us to do an Easter styled post, we just couldn’t say no. We absolutely ADORE Cotton On Kids, their clothes have so much personality.. and I think that is the perfect use of word. It’s the way in which each clothing item is considered from a childs perspective in terms of practicality, comfort and FUN. From little graphic quirky prints, draw strings and fabric chose for comfort, to sweaters with bat wings to encourage role play, hoodies with ears, eyes and sharp tiger teeth, bunny bandit tops with super hero capes attached – Cotton on Kids clothing promotes role play and adventure!

A Forest treasure hunt
We were sent a gorgeous and easy to follow adventure hunt map which Nic printed out and went to the forest early in the morning to set up. Nic stuck the little clues around the forest and Jordan and Micah had to spot the little clues in search of the hidden chocolatey eggs. Every kids dream, amiright? The kids and I met Nic at the forest after he had set it all up – I wish I could’ve captured the initial excitement on Jordans face when he realised what was going on. Jords put on his Cotton On Kids bunny mask and bunny tail to activate his ’super bunny powers’ and Micah, Jordsy and I went on a treasure hunt through the forest. I mean, it was magical. And as a side note – it’s so nice for me to actually be in some of these photographs. I am often the one behind the lense and I have joked with Nic that the kids will wonder if I was even around when they were so little because there are so few photos with me in them. 

See below for a link to *download* the Cotton On Kids treasure hunt map with all the clues.

You can see some of the little clues in the two pictures below:

I helped the kids sneak over rocks, through trees and over massive logs to find all the little hidden surprises. Nic took photos of it all. As a family we have vowed to spend more time outdoors with the kids this year as they are just so happy when they’re outside. What a special morning of adventure. It was completely free, we brought extra snacks and it kept us busy, in each others company for hours. The Newlands forest is just gorgeous, it was quite a windy day but there was not a breath of wind under the trees in the forest. The air was crisp and fresh and the stream is filled with tadpoles which the kids watched for ages, they collected sticks and climbed trees – so good for the soul.

Jordan and Micah wore their new clothing from the new Cotton on Kids winter range. Jordan didn’t take off the top with wings for 3 days. The clothes are SO comfy and so easy to climb in, roll around in and have fun in. Parent test = PASSED. How gorgeous are these clothes? All of this is available in stores now so go and check it out – bring your credit card, you’ll want it ALL. Hoodies with super hero capes and bat wings, beanies with bunny ears, sweaters with little tiger teeth and whiskers.. guys, I am obsessed. And I am LOVING the jewel and army colours of this wintery range.

Man, these boys of mine will be the cause of my exploding heart, I love them so.

Cotton On Kids also spoilt Jordy and Micah with cutest matching sleeping bags. How divine are these? They are soft, warm and have a zip with a little velcro strap that covers the zip once they’re all tucked in. Again – I just adore the personality of everything that Cotton On kids make, so much character. As you can see, these kids are besotted, this is so novel for them. Cue campouts and Christmas beds in the lounge come winter time. These are also available in stores now..

Thank you Cotton On Kids for encouraging adventure, outdoors, role play in every day appropriate clothing and above all, FUN. So much love for you <3

DOWNLOAD the link to print the Cotton On Kids treasure map here: CottonOnKids-TreasureMap

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