What I wore & my two favorite preggy items.

Leather jacket – Used to be my moms | Knitted scarf – Woolworths | Striped dress – Wardrobe | Burgandy tights – Next | Nude pumps – Woolworths.

I am totally running out of clothes. At 35 weeks pregnant, I refuse to buy more. The striped dress/top below is one of my favorites. When collecting images for this post, I noticed I have worn it rather often recently. I am also LOVING my spotty dress/top from Woolies. A real keeper, and I can also wear it after my pregnancy. That’s my goal. I like to still wear things that give me a bit of shape, otherwise I look like a big frump which unfortunately is how a lot of the maternity ranges are designed. I’m ALL about the tights and tight dresses and tops at the moment. And although I do own a handful of ‘maternity’ items, I am finding that squeezing into regular clothes enables me to keep my style, wear things that I’m actually comfy in and isn’t a waste of money because I can wear them all after baby arrives.

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Trying desperately not to buy more clothes cause they WILL stretch over the bump x

Grey knitted scarf – Woolworths | Dusty pink knitted sweater – Woolworths | Dark blue maternity jeans – Cherry Melon | Nude pumps – Woolworths.

 I have 2.5 months left of pregnancy. Our little bubsie is due on 2nd September. Time is FLYING. I’m reallytrying to not buy anything new, although I am struggling to find existing items in my wardrobe to stretch over this belly of mine. I’m finding myself living in tights and longer tops. The tops have to be *really* long though, because I don’t want to be that “I wear tights as pants’ person. It is hard though and winter doesn’t make it any easier with all the layers you have to wear. Cape Town has been a miserable mess lately. I have grown quite fond of wearing my hair in a bun – I think it’s my sub conscience prepping me for the convenient ways of motherhood. Next time I will take these photo’s from the side, as to ensure a better bump view. Here is what I’ve worn lately:

Denim jacket – Woolworths | Black knitted scarf – Woolworths | Black sweatshirt – H&M | Grey maternity top – Cherry Melon | Black tights – Next | Brown suede boots – Woolworths.

Grey knitted scarf – H&M | Leather jacket – Used to be moms |  Black and grey striped maternity top – Cherry Melon | Black tights – Next | Brown suede boots – Woolworths.

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