Life in the Smal household.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on here and truth be told, I am totally okay with that. I went out for drinks with some people after work on Friday (I KNOW.. living LARGE) and we got onto the topic of blogging. You will know that I have always been very true to my belief that this blog is a hobby, something to be enjoyed and not something I have ever wanted to be a slave to. It is not a business, although of course I do sponsored content here and there with brands that I truly believe in and love, I consider that both a perk and a privilege. The point I am trying to make is that I have never wanted to feel life a slave to my own blog. I never want to feel guilty for my lack of communication on here and I live true to that. I don’t post for the sake of being current and I don’t post when I don’t feel like I have something valuable to add. Thank you to all you loyal folk who continue to visit and pop in on the regular. We dig you!

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{REVIEW} My first Caterpillar with Duplo.

If you have a little person in your house or you’re on the lookout for a Christmas prezzie for your first grandchild – look no further. My First Caterpillar from Duplo is just the most gorgeous thing.

The recommended age is 1.5 – 3 years and although Micah is a bit younger – he could spend ages playing with a box of Duplo. The colours and the sounds of the blocks clanking against each other make for some great explorative and fine motor skills play.

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{WIN} Deryan travel cots and why you need one.

WIN When I heard about the brand new addition to the Deryan family, I just knew that I had to share it with you. It s a travel cot for newborns but is suitable up until 1 year old. Possibly even longer. A while a go I did a post on the Deryan camp cot travel tent for babies and toddlers. Check out that post here if you’re interested. You know those sun visors for your car that fold up into a circle? This product is literally an entire camp cot that does that. Have a look at how small it folds up: IMG_9542IMG_9545The Deryan travel cot is a pop up travel cot that folds out in about a second. It also comes with a 100% cotton mattress which is so lovely and soft. The travel cot has soft, breathable sides so it’s very safe for baby and they cannot possibly hurt themselves by rolling onto the side. It also comes with a mosquito net that secures onto the top of the cot with press stud buttons which is amazing for summer or when you’re outside and don’t want any flies or bugs getting in. These cots are so well designed and have been done so with baby and mom in mind. IMG_9251IMG_9541Deryan3IMG_9543IMG_0321 Gone are the days of leaving Micah to nap on our bed or friends / family beds when we’re out visiting. He is rolling up a storm and we actually got a very big fright the other day. I put Micah down for a nap in the middle of our king sized bed and Nic walked into our room to fetch something. Micah had woken from a nap and rolled towards the edge of the bed and he was minutes away from rolling off the side. He usually starts chatting to himself when he wakes so I know to go and get him but he didn’t do that this particular day. There is no way we can allow him to nap on our bed anymore, we just can’t take that chance. Now when we visit friends or family, our travel cot comes with and we can put Micah down for a nap safely without having to check on him every 2 minutes. Gosh these little people learn and move quickly!IMG_0324IMG_9251Deryan2IMG_0326Deryan11

For all of these reasons, I cannot recommend the Deryan travel cot to you enough. It’s just SO nifty that the cot, mattress, and the mosquito net all fold up so quickly with minimal effort and tuck so neatly into such a little bag. Perfect for traveling, picnics, going to visit friends for the day. I just love love love it. Can you tell?

If you’d like to order online, find out more or have a look at the rest of the Deryan range, check out: and follow Deryan on Instagram: @deryan_south_africa

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Help your toddler to sleep later in the morning. Explaining the Gro Clock.


For as long as I can remember, Jordan has woken up at 4:45/5am. That’s when our day used to start. 95% of the time he doesn’t ‘sleep through’ until then either. He wakes frequently for milk or water and even though he generally goes right back to bed, the broken sleep is a killer for all involved. We have tried everything.. later bed time, earlier bed time, no afternoon nap. NOTHING has worked. Jordan has a busy morning at school so by the time he gets home at 12 he is exhausted and sometimes even asks to nap, although that has stated to fall away as well which makes for a loooong day.

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Happy 12 weeks Micah baby.


How did we get here? You are 12 weeks old already. It’s been so great to be honest.. and for some reason I feel guilty saying that. Probably because of societies stereotype on becoming a mom and especially becoming a mom to more than one child. It can’t be manageable, you must struggle and surely you stay in your pyjamas every day and don’t wash your hair for weeks. Of course we have had rough nights but it’s been nothing that we haven’t been able to handle without loosing our marbles. I would be the first to admit if I was struggling purely for the support, but I really feel that it has been easier this time, MUCH easier. I do understand that every baby is so different, I really get that now as Jordan did not have nearly as much chill as Micah does. I also suppose that it is really different the second time around because you know what to expect and you don’t question every noise and every niggle. We have coped so well because you are such a champion my Micah. Really. And so is your brother.

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