Life in the Smal household.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on here and truth be told, I am totally okay with that. I went out for drinks with some people after work on Friday (I KNOW.. living LARGE) and we got onto the topic of blogging. You will know that I have always been very true to my belief that this blog is a hobby, something to be enjoyed and not something I have ever wanted to be a slave to. It is not a business, although of course I do sponsored content here and there with brands that I truly believe in and love, I consider that both a perk and a privilege. The point I am trying to make is that I have never wanted to feel life a slave to my own blog. I never want to feel guilty for my lack of communication on here and I live true to that. I don’t post for the sake of being current and I don’t post when I don’t feel like I have something valuable to add. Thank you to all you loyal folk who continue to visit and pop in on the regular. We dig you!

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An Easter treasure hunt with Cotton on Kids.

When Cotton on Kids approached us to do an Easter styled post, we just couldn’t say no. We absolutely ADORE Cotton On Kids, their clothes have so much personality.. and I think that is the perfect use of word. It’s the way in which each clothing item is considered from a childs perspective in terms of practicality, comfort and FUN. From little graphic quirky prints, draw strings and fabric chose for comfort, to sweaters with bat wings to encourage role play, hoodies with ears, eyes and sharp tiger teeth, bunny bandit tops with super hero capes attached – Cotton on Kids clothing promotes role play and adventure!

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{Pictures to treasure} Our family session with Nestling photography on Noordhoek beach.


I have been DYING to share these with you because I am smitten. You might have seen my previous posts about Nestling Photography.. Joburg based photographers. Natasha and Carmen make up the talent that is Nestling Photography. The girls of Nestling have such an intense passion for what they do. Tashie and Carmen’s love for photography, families, children and documenting true love and relationships is SO evident in their exquisite work and every inch of themselves and their business.

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Another year bites the dust.


Guys. Where is this year disappearing to? On Friday it was my 29th Birthday. HOORAH. It feels like yesterday since my last birthday. Actually, it feels like yesterday since my birthday 2 years ago, the week before Jordan was born, when I was heavily pregnant shovelling pizza at Obs cafe. Where. is. this. life. disappearing. to? Never the less, I had amazing day.

Let’s have a little catch up, shall we?

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Merry 2015 & a few pictures from our festive season x


Yes yes.. it’s been incredibly quiet over here and I do apologise. With the madness of my trip to Egypt with Jordan in October, wrapping up the work year and the christmas rush.. it’s been busy to say the least. To be frank, I also haven’t had much to say. I don’t believe in posting for the sake of being ‘current’ on here. I only ever really want to post when I have something valuable to say. But here I am, as ready as I will ever be for the beginning of 2015. Can you believe that yet another year has come and gone? Yikes.

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