Our special photoshoot by Nestling Photography. Family photographers in South Africa.


A few months ago we were contacted by two photographers from Joburg, Natasha and Carmen. The girls were coming to Cape Town for a little working holiday, to capture the memories of a few Capetonians, Nestling style. These girls are the epitome of joy. I feel SO blessed to have met them and to have experienced a family photography session with them. Carmen and Tash, the girls behind Nestling Photography are bursting with passion which reflects in every ounce of their wonderful business, Nestling.

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Preparing your dog for kids. The bond between a baby and a bulldog.


Nic and I have both grown up with dogs around. I can’t remember a single period in my entire childhood that we didn’t have dogs. Our dogs were always a very big part of our family. Just in case you don’t already know the vibe, Nic and I are both very passionate dog enthusiasts. In fact, we bought our house as soon as we did after our wedding so that we could get a precious dog of our own. Enter Banjoe.

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My favourite boys & some gorgeous photo’s of them x


I work with Dirk Pieters on a monthly basis, and so through casual shoot banter he knows a lot about the boys I share my home with. When Dirk expressed interest in photographing the two of them together I was ecstatic, as his portrait work is something special.

These are a select few of my absolute favourites from the shoot. How gorgeous are these precious souls? We absolutely need to frame these for our home. I really must get better at the whole photo’s in the house thing. I just find it SO hard to choose the perfect ones, but these are definite winners. And there there is the issue of frames.. I’m too picky and I know it.

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A stroll in De-Waal park, the three of us (and baby in belly, of course) x

After a very rainy Saturday and a lot of snoring, Banjoe was full of wiggles. We took him to one of his (and our) favourite places = De-Waal Park. There are so many ‘new’ dogs there for him to play with, he has his regular friends at the Observatory park, but I can only imagine how exciting it must be for him to be able to explore a new environment. You have not seen a happier dog. He now owns every single tree in that entire park. The air was crisp and the sun was warm. The grass was bright green and sprinkled with golden autumn leaves. Perfection really.

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