Our special baby boy’s bedroom x


Our little baby boy is a few days away from making his grand entrance into our world, I can just feel it. Soon we become a family of four!! I wanted to get this post up before that happens because so many of you have been asking about what I am doing to the room and I couldn’t wait to share it. Thank you for your interest and for showing us so much love and support.

Jordan has a traditional nautical bedroom. I wanted to do something very classic for him, it just felt so right. This time around I am really feeling the neutral colours and textures so I decided to do something a little bit more natural and earthy and I love it. For some people, putting so much love and effort into a bedroom might not be a priority and that’s okay. For me it’s so important (read essential) to create a beautiful space for someone I love. A space that feels considered and a space that gives you the happies when you walk in. It truly is one of my favourite things to do. The room is such a peaceful, calming and happy space. I will also be spending so much time in this little munchkins room, feeding, changing etc.. I really wanted a serene space that also makes my heart warm when I walk in.

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A fun ‘Back to School’ DIY with Bostik.


I have teamed up with Bostik to do a fun little ‘Back to School’ DIY. I am so impressed with their new look and their huge range of products. Have a look here for a little bit more information on that and how you can WIN a R500 Bostik product hamper.

I have decided to do a little something involving glitter glue, cause it’s SO MUCH FUN! Glitter glue also takes me straight back to my school days. I wanted to do something that reminded me of those times and the kind of thing that I would have wanted back then to keep all my goodies organised. Having said that, I am totally going to be using this nifty stationary jar in my office at home!

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Plans for our new Bathroom & a bit of inspiration.


Since we moved in, our avo bathroom has been on top of the list of ‘things to tackle’. As bathroom are incredibly pricey to renovate, we decided it would have to wait a while as he put in a brand new kitchen, new floors, re-did the ceilings, installed pool fences, new grass, painted walls inside, painted the whole exterior or the house, and the list goes on. Crisis having a house is a lot of work but it’s so much fun recreating spaces to be what you have always dreamed of.

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{DIY} Easy Christmas decoration DIY to do with kids.

IMG_7371 copy

I have seen the cutest Christmas DIY’s floating around Pinterest, including this one. Let’s be honest – with a two-year old, this is about as complex as it get’s in terms of DIY-ing together. Usually the parent ends up doing the whole DIY but Jordan was pretty into this one. I thought I would share as it’s simple, easy and fun.

The plan is to make a Christmas decoration with the kids every year as a keep sake. One day they’ll be too old to want to because it won’t be cool anymore. But hopefully by then we will have a tree filled with beautiful hand-made memories from over the years. Remember this one? It was one of my favourites and it’s just SO lovely if it’s your baby’s first Christmas.

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Precious Jordan, home renovations & a few happy snaps.


Life is just flying by. Between home renovations, wrapping my head around moving, packing and all that goes with that, I have barely had a chance to think, let alone log into my blog to share any of it with you all.

Renovations are in full swing. We have had gardeners and landscapers here almost everyday sorting out was used to look like a literal rubbish dump. We’ve had a guy and his trusty bakkie do about 6 FULL loads of rubbish that has been collected in the garden here over the last few years. Scary. There were tenants living in the house prior and they really didn’t maintain anything. The pool was green and the garden was practically just sand. We have had new floors put in the kitchen and dining room – white screed flooring – I am totally in love with it. The laminate floor guys started yesterday and things are looking just beautiful in that department. I will do a post with all the service providers we’ve used soon, in case anyone reading this has some up-vamping to do.

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