Cheers to us! 1 year and counting.

WE MADE IT! It’s our 1st anniversary today, and what a year we’ve had. It’s scary how time flies, i know people say it often so it doesn’t really resonate as much as I really mean it. It feels like just yesterday we were taking our vows under the beautiful trees with our family and friends all around us, showering us with so much love but at the same time it doesn’t feel like it’s only been a year. Probably just cause its so right and I could never imagine my life any other way. At all.

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lumo, cake and lingerie.

I haven’t put up any pictures of my beautiful hen party my friends held for me the month before our wedding so here they are..

My beautiful brides maids and step mom Lindy put SO much effort into this scrumptious day. They made ribbons that said “Nikki’s hen party”, they baked, they decorated (apparently my dad participated in this too) and they really out did themselves to make sure that i didn’t feel uncomfortable.

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This is our special wedding.

Here are ALL the photo’s of our special day, I decided to post them ALL, so its the longest blog post in history. I guess I’m just afraid that my hard drive might break, and if so, then at least they are all here, right? Enjoy x

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