Surviving our first year as parents of two – a little bit of honesty.

I wake up every morning desperately hoping that today will be the day that I finally have some time to sit down (in peace) and write a blog post. But life. It’s hectic to say that absolute least. Perhaps relentless is a better word. Don’t read on if you aren’t willing to hear some brutal honesty and perhaps a bit of whinging. I am never been so busy and a shift in priorities also has something to do with my scarceness around here. Not that I don’t adore sharing and writing, I’m just not going to exhaust myself trying to make sure that I write a certain quota every month. I write because I WANT to, I write when I have the time and not because I feel guilty or pressured to do so. Sure, I do feel a sense of urgency and guilt when I haven’t put a post out in a while but at the same time, I have a life and a family to take care of and they most certainly come first. Every little moment of peace needs to be cherished because they come very scarcely around here. While we’re here, I want to thank YOU, my very loyal readers and followers for allowing me to have this approach. You guys are amazing because you’re there and you’re interested when I do put something out for you to read, you encourage me and support me in my quiet moments and I cannot thank you enough for this.

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Jordans Super Hero 3rd Birthday party.


Jordan had a dress up day at school a while back, they were able to wear whatever they wanted. Nic and I bought Jordy a batman mask and a cape for the occasion and since that day, Jords has been asking for a Super Hero party. Not a day goes by that Jords doesn’t give his mask and cape a spin. Poor Nic never has to go to gym a day in his life the amount of times he throws super hero Jordy into the hair and flies him around the house.

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Dear Jordan, on your 3rd Birthday x


My sweet Jordels. I cannot believe it’s been 3 years since you came into our lives. On the one hand it feels like forever because I can’t and don’t ever want to imagine life without you in it, but on the other hand I cannot believe how time has flown. You asked for a Super Hero party this year and we even got a jumping castle – it was all the rage.

You are such an incredible soul my darling. You are so well spoken and you have the silliest and the best sense of humour for your age. You make us laugh so much and I wish I could record all the funny things you say so that I could keep them forever. You absolutely love anything that has wheels, cars, motorbikes, scooters, trains, tractors. If we ever run out of outing ideas, all we need to do is take you to a construction site and you will happily spend hours sitting on the tractors pretending to drive them like a self-proclaimed ‘builder man’. We cannot execute a trip to a shop or restaurant without you spotting the motorbike or scooter in the parking lot and you will always want to go and have a look, even though you know you can’t sit on them all. In the beginning we didn’t really know how to respond to your demands of “Want to see the motorbike please”.. because it was every single time without fail. But we have realized that 5 minutes spent looking at the motorbike in the parking lot makes your little heart so happy that we oblige now without any questions.  You are a curious and interested little boy and we encourage that in you whole heartedly.JORDANBIRTHDAY9 JORDANBIRTHDAY6 JORDANBIRTHDAY2 You need to know everything about everything. You ask a million questions a day. Sometimes more. Even then the answers sometimes aren’t good enough for your inquisitive mind. “Because I said so” doesn’t ever cut it with you and you’ll persist until you can fully understand whatever it is that you want to know. I love this about you so much. You have such a zest for understanding things and for learning and you are fiercely persistent, it’s such a wonderful character trait. You are potty trained now and we are so proud of you. It took a while for you to wrap your head around making your number 2’s on such a big toilet but one day (in Addo Elephant park whilst on holiday) I promised you a chocolate milkshake if you did it on the loo and your eyes lit up instantly and off you ran. You were so proud and you loved your milkshake. Micah loves you so much and I am so proud of the amazing big brother you are to him. Micah adores you and he starts smiling and frantically looking around at the sound of your voice. I cannot wait to see your relationship bloom and grow. It makes my mommy heart so happy that you’ll always have each other.


You still love your bed time bottle, your dummy and your beloved bunny which looks a little bit tired these days to say the least. I am in no rush to make you give those things up though. For what? They comfort you and you love them.
You have endless energy and you are so amazing on your trampoline, your balance bike and your new scooter that mommy and daddy bought your for your birthday this year. You have so much coordination and you love pretending to be Ryder and playing Paw Patrol on your balance bike. Since getting your scooter you love to pretend to be Penny from ‘Bolt’ and Banjoe has to be Bolt the dog. You get so into it and your little face beams front the excitement of it all because you genuinely believe that you are those characters in the moment.

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The 30 year old me.


Yesterday I welcomed my 30th year on this planet. Am I supposed to be gutted that my twenties are over? I embrace this new season with very wide open arms and I cannot wait to experience what this next decade has in store for me. Mostly I am just so thankful for what I have.

In my 30 years on this earth I have accomplished and experienced a few things (not all good) that have contributed to the person that I am today. The 30-year-old me.

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Welcome to our world, little Micah.


Our little Micah. I cannot tell you how happy we are that you’re here. You made your grand entrance into our world at 3:30am on Wednesday the 24th February 2016. It was so incredible seeing a little 3,070kg you for the first time after what felt like a very long wait.

You look so much like your big brother Jordan when he was your age.. but you also don’t. Jordan has been absolutely incredible with you. And not even because we told him what to do or how to be but I think because he genuinely knows that you, little Micah baby, are now a part of our tribe and he really, really loves you. You’re often the first person he asks for when he wakes up or gets collected from school. Jordan cannot walk past you (sleeping in your Moses basket) without giving you a little kiss or a gentle touch on the head. Jordan also LOVES to tell us how ‘whittle’ your nose, eyes, feet, hands and fingers are. And how big his ‘big boy feet’ are in comparison. He is so proud to be your big brother.. You really struck gold in the sibling department there my sweet boy. Jordan adores you.

Micah11 Micah6 Micah4Micah8Micah5 Micah3

You have been on so many outings already, mommy can’t stand cabin fever. You are gaining weight beautifully and have already grown so much in your first 6 weeks of life. You even smiled at me the other day and my mommy heart nearly exploded. You are so strong already and love to stare at mommy while I talk to you or at daddy while he sings to you. You are completely entranced with contrasting colours and love to stare at the white curtains against the black wall in our bedroom. And the white slatted cupboards. Yesterday I even caught you smiling at the cupboards, you funny boy.

Micah2 Micah7Micah9 Micah1

Gosh sweet pea, my little fat man, you are SO loved, by us all. You have brought us all even closer together as a family and we are so excited for all the adventure in our future!

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