Festive shopping made easy with Toy Kingdom. #TKFestiveWishlist

Christmas shopping is not for the faint of heart. As much as I love it, I loathe it. It’s such a beautiful and happy time of the year amidst all the chaos, I love it. The one thing that stresses me out about Christmas time is buying gifts for people people I hate giving mediocre gifts. Mediocre doesn’t mean inexpensive by the way! I get my self into a total knot about spending money on something and then wondering if the person is even going to love it. I HATE giving generic, unthoughtful or useless gifts. The absolute horror of a gift I have given being banished to the ‘regift’ drawer is a legitimate fear of mine. I also find the kids quite a challenge to buy for. I was stuff for them that isn’t going to just sit on a shelf collecting dust. I was them to have toys that they are able to explore and for the most part, learn from.

We hit Toy Kingdom the other day in search for a few trinkets for Jordy and Micah for Christmas. We went to the new revamped store in Canal Walk one morning when Jords was at school and we were the first people through the doors. What a treat, Micah crawled all over the store after us while we shopped around. The floor had just been cleaned – no judgies.

I love how interactive the Toy Kingdom stores are. The staff are present and so willing to help and advise. There is so much in store for the kids to do that we often (as mentioned on SnapChat if you follow me) go to Toy Kingdom at the V&A for an outing. We browse the store and let Jordy look at all the things (while we get ideas for christmas / birthday prezzies) and he plays on the jungle gym with the HUGE slide and the lego tables. He also really loves the interactive Lego displays in-between the shelves. The new canal walk store have a massive Lego pit, a giant hot air balloon and a bike track – just too cool. There is also a big Build a Bear station which is a new addition to the Toy Kingdom stores.

We were lucky enough to be able to choose toys from the Toy Kingdoms Festive Season Gift guide! It was such a difficult choice as there are some incredible toys. My grandma can’t believe how much choice there is for ‘the kids of today’ – and she is SO right. It’s endless. What I love about the Festive Season Gift Guide is that even if you have not spent more than 5 minutes with a child, you will instantly know what the hottest and most coveted items for Christmas are. This makes shopping for the kids in your life SO much easier. Then of course if you are still stuck because making choices is not your thing, get a Toy Kingdom gift card. It’s always SO exciting for kids to visit the shop and choose their own thing.

Spot Micah:

We chose the gorgeous LeapFrog Sing and Play farm for Micah. It’s such a simple and interactive toy. It’s a cute little barn with turn keys, flip switches and push buttons. It has five sides of play and makes the cutest little sounds. I love that it has a handle too.

I took Jordy back to Toy Kingdom when he went on holiday. I decided to spoil him a little bit and take him to Build a Bear inside the toy kingdom store. I initially thought that he might’ve been a bit young to understand it but oh my goodness, I have never seen this boy so happy and so in love with anything in his entire life.

Jordan is Iron Man obsessed. Besotted. He sometimes thinks he IS Iron Man. He role plays and he’s getting an Iron Man suit all the way from America for Christmas! He was mind blown when he saw the Iron Man Build a Bear. His mind was instantly made up. We did the whole shebang.. Jords recorded his own voice to put inside his Iron Man bear that said “I’m Iron Man”. Micah beams when he hears the teddy saying it at home.

Landi helped Jordan to stuff his new bear. We did the little heart ceremony which involved rubbing the little bears heart in-between Jordys hands to warm it up and he gave it a big kiss before placing it inside his bears chest. So special. He chose a strawberry scent for his teddy and then we stitched him up. We went on to the computer to put in all our details and we even got a birth certificate for Jordy’s bear. How cute? He is so proud of his gorgeous bear and couldn’t stop kissing and cuddling him. Such a lovely treat for a kid.. LOVE how involved they can get.

Check out the Toy Kingdom website for more information on the most coveted toys this festive season and more info on the Festive Season Gift Guide.

Happy, easy, Christmas shopping everyone! You only have a few days left, HURRY! #TKFestiveWishlist #ToyKingdomFestiveWishlist 

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