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Technology seriously blows my mind. Now I don’t go to the mall much because, well, kids and all that. You know. I tend to do most of my clothing shopping, quite successfully, online. I know my size and I have never really had much of an issue when it comes to things fitting. Of course there are certain things I don’t buy online, like jeans, because fit is a serious make or break when it comes to jeans unless you buy a specific brand and you already know your size.

Now as *if* online shopping wasn’t easy enough – Spree have recently added an INCREDIBLE feature to their shopping app and I am so excited about it because, well, online shopping just got a little easier. Or should I say, a lot quicker and more efficient!? Spree have just launched an image search feature and get this.. you can upload an image of a clothing item that you are looking for straight onto the spree app using your phone and then search for a similar item on their store. All in about 2 minutes. It is the easiest thing. You can either choose an image from your camera roll that you have previously saved, or you can take a live picture through the app using your phones camera and then actually search for the which ever item your heart desires, like, instantly. The results are quick and accurate!

I am so glad you asked, let me show you:

Here is a beautiful burgundy top that I searched for, check out the results:

And this striped top.. I bought the Mango one on the top right corner by the way and I love it!! And, by the way, it was delivered is LESS than 24 hours. What the WHAT?

I don’t know about you, and I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who does this, but whenever I am unsure about what to wear or how to style something, I immediately turn to Pinterest for inspiration because we know how jam packed full of beautiful inspiration Pinterest is right? You can just about find anything on there. If you see something you like, take a screen shot and upload it straight to Spree to find a similar item and BAM!

The app is incredibly intuitive, more so than I ever thought it would be. I found this off the shoulder top on Pinterest and searched for it on the Spree app. It pulled up pretty much the same one in the results. You can also hold your finger down on a clothing item within the Spree app to search for similar styles which I love because I have a shopper commitment issue – I know that as soon as i click order, I will immediately find someone similar that I like more. This little nifty feature helps me to avoid that all together. Winning.

Just a few more examples in case you weren’t already convinced. I really love checked shirts and have been lusting for a red and black trucker one for ages. I saw this mens ones on Pinterest, uploaded it to Spree and BOOM – check out the results:

Then, I wanted to put the app to the test so I went looking for various clothing items and shoes to test it’s functionality and I am well impressed:

Guys this feature awesome. I have never used anything like it and I think it will be seriously useful to anyone looking for something specific. What a time we are living in.

The online shopping sphere has become so fiercely competitive and I really think that Spree have totally outdone themselves with this amazing feature and it is definitely something I will use on the regular. Let it be known that they are the first online retailer in AFRICA to offer this amazing feature, good job, Spree!

Please do yourself a favour and check it out. You can visit their website here and download their app here.

Happy shopping x

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