Help your toddler to sleep later in the morning. Explaining the Gro Clock.


For as long as I can remember, Jordan has woken up at 4:45/5am. That’s when our day used to start. 95% of the time he doesn’t ‘sleep through’ until then either. He wakes frequently for milk or water and even though he generally goes right back to bed, the broken sleep is a killer for all involved. We have tried everything.. later bed time, earlier bed time, no afternoon nap. NOTHING has worked. Jordan has a busy morning at school so by the time he gets home at 12 he is exhausted and sometimes even asks to nap, although that has stated to fall away as well which makes for a loooong day.

Enter the Gro Clock. Before I explain anything to you, please understand that this is NOT a sponsored post what so ever. I bought the Gro Clock with a bad attitude, out of desperation. I was convinced that it wouldn’t work because “I know my child” and I thought that it would just be another baby gadget that I’d waste a couple of hundred bucks on. I was so wrong.

The earliest Jordan has woken up since we got it is 6:10am. We gradually increased the ‘wake up’ time on the clock every day and now Jordy sleeps until 7am. This might be a normal time for most of you, because it is. Coming from what was normal for us (4:45am), this is a holiday.

The Gro Clock has a big round smiley face and it’s very simple: When the blue star is out you stay in bed, when the yellow sun is out, it’s morning time. You can set the clock to ‘wake up’ (i.e.: the yellow sun comes out) for whatever time you feel fit. There is also an afternoon nap function and you make a routine with your toddler where they get to say goodnight to the clock and put him to bed.

IMG_8305 IMG_8302

I have printed the rewards chart off the Gro Clocks website and Jordan gets a smiley face every morning that he ‘obeys’ the clock. After two weeks he gets a big surprise, something we know he will really love to keep the incentive going. For the first two weeks or so we rewarded Jordy every morning with something tangible.. stickers / mini marshmallows etc. We just wanted to keep it very exciting in the beginning when he was still coming to terms with how it all works. We sometimes used to hear him singing to himself for 15 minutes or so before the sun came out on the clock. We’d then hear his door fling and bang open with little footsteps running to our bedroom and Jordy shouting “THE SUNS UP ON MY CLOCK”. He still does this and we still make a really big deal out of it.


Click HERE to download the rewards chart. I just had ours laminated and I use a white board market to draw the faces on each day.

I can highly recommend the clock, it’s such a simple and wonderful idea and for kids who are rewards driven, like most are, it works a charm.

Here’s to longer, better nights. Although now I have Micah who is still up multiple times at night and wakes at 5:30am! Step and repeat. x

4 thoughts on “Help your toddler to sleep later in the morning. Explaining the Gro Clock.

  1. omw I think this post was just meant for me to read. I am presently exhausted, desperate, and looking for any glimpse of sunshine towards a good night’s rest. my 3 year old and 1 year old are stuck in my bed first of all; secondly, my daughter (1) wakes up 5am without fail (apart from the frequent night wakes for dummy/comfort/hug/bottle/to come lay in our bed). I need them BOTH to sleep longer…. but first need to get them out of my bed. Next one due end of September…. any advice before then would be great. the gro clock seems like an awesome idea. from what age would you suggest using it?

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