It’s a wrap and we have ALL the love for Lego.

I’ve decided to do a little wrap up of an amazing 6 month partnership with Lego and Duplo. I was so excited when they contacted me to work with them. From the around the world sets to my first caterpillar, we have had the best time unwrapping and exploring these amazing products. Nic and I are such huge Lego and Duplo fans. We had Lego and Duplo growing up and even as an adult, Nic is absolutely besotted with Lego. What’s not to love?

The adult sets of Lego are incredible and Nic especially lusts over any Simpsons Lego set that gets released. He has the house but the Kwiki-Mart is one of the most coveted items on his list. The attention to detail is mind blowing. In fact, a group of us just all chipped in to buy it for a friends 32nd Birthday. It’s a hit amongst all age groups, clearly.

I have been so lucky to work with a brand I respect and truly love. A brand that puts their everything into developing product for every age group and every type of person. Lego and Duplo products are educational and captivating. The products encourage imaginative play, following instructions as well as concentration paired with free, fun play. They provide hours of entertainment and fun with such a huge reward at the end of it all. There is a reason this brand is so huge. Every one loves them.

If you are ever stuck for a gift for the child in your life, or in my case, a husband – you really can’t go wrong at all with a gorgeous set of Lego / Duplo. Nic has some Lego that he has passed down to our boys.┬áLego is iconic, it’s special and we treasure it so much. I am so happy that we are building up a really RAD (yes I still say rad) collection of Lego and Duplo for our boys to provide them with endless entertainment which they can one day day pass on to their own children for some vintage play.

Thanks to Lego and Duplo for making awesome products that encourage real play, real fun and real imagination. It has been a pleasure. X

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