Life in the Smal household.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on here and truth be told, I am totally okay with that. I went out for drinks with some people after work on Friday (I KNOW.. living LARGE) and we got onto the topic of blogging. You will know that I have always been very true to my belief that this blog is a hobby, something to be enjoyed and not something I have ever wanted to be a slave to. It is not a business, although of course I do sponsored content here and there with brands that I truly believe in and love, I consider that both a perk and a privilege. The point I am trying to make is that I have never wanted to feel life a slave to my own blog. I never want to feel guilty for my lack of communication on here and I live true to that. I don’t post for the sake of being current and I don’t post when I don’t feel like I have something valuable to add. Thank you to all you loyal folk who continue to visit and pop in on the regular. We dig you!

All this said, things have been BUSY. I mean, like BUSY. I started a new job in April which I adore. I work with the most creative, passionate and inspiring people and I am so happy to be here. I have taken a little bit of different road in terms of my career. I am not really doing much design work anymore which has been so good for me. Being a freelance designer for the past 4 years has been a huge blessing when it comes to having small kids but it is also been a lonely 4 years. Being an individual who completely thrives around people, around change and around passionate colleagues who truly love what they do, staying home alone was quite lonely at times.

I suppose I didn’t realise it much at the time because I was so preoccupied with babies, toddlers, housework and working every waking moment I got, there wasn’t really much time to reflect on where I was and if I was even happy and thriving. I suppose in my head it was either freelance design or and 8-5 job because is there really anything in-between if you don’t own your own business? Having said this, I would still rather choose lonely freelance than surrender ALL my time with my kids to an office or agency job from 8am-5pm, which in reality is actually longer on a daily basis if you factor in traffic. I get that sometimes we don’t have a choice in these things, I am / was just very lucky in that I did have a choice.

I was offered an opportunity to be the Events Coordinator at The Red and Yellow School – which I where I studied for 3 years post matric. Red and Yellow is a marketing, advertising and communications school and being alumni, I really hold the school quite close to my heart. I was given the opportunity to come on board and do everything internal and external in terms of eventing. I am involved in all student events, staff events, workshops, executive education and team building shindigs. I absolutely LOVE it. The team I work with are passionate and they are so good at what they do. I am learning so much from everyone here on so may different levels and the student culture around the school is amazing to witness and to be a part of. I have flexible hours with option to work from home and the powers that be really support working moms which I am so grateful for. I wish every company was as accommodating. With events it is also a bit of a give and take, I do some over time and weekend work here and there but I get my time back in other areas. I just love it here.

At home things have been a ride and a half. Our nanny disappeared back to Zim without any notice almost as soon as I started my new job. I won’t go into the details but it was a personal issue on her end and it was unfortunate that we she left on those terms but we really loved her for the time that she was with us. We found an incredible school for Micah, though. There has not been a single day that we have doubted our decision to send him to school. Wrapping our heads around it was very hard at first because Jordan only started school at 2.5 years old so Micah was considerably younger when he started but being the second child, he is already very social and used to being around other kids so it just works. Jordan also moved to the same school recently as he was quite unhappy at his previous school but I will unpack that in another post soon. The boys current school is so incredibly hands on. It is run by a mom and daughter team and although they don’t teach, they are both there all the time. They move between the classes, take photos and sending updates to the parents. I love this because we are always in the loop, we always have someone who is available to chat to if need be without having to disturb the teachers. The teachers can focus on their classes without having to worry about phones etc. Each class has 10 kids with two teachers, has cameras, the kids get cooked meals, new menus go up every week, the school is beautiful and so well maintained. I also just love that they keep in such close contact with us throughout the day. It is intimate and personal and I cannot tell you how both my kids are thriving being in that environment. They are so loved there and it is so very evident.

We have had a really tough time with Jordan and Micah in terms of jealousy and sharing, well the lack there of. Recently, though, they have really started to play and love each other so much more. They are starting to play SO nicely together, I have honestly been praying for this day to arrive. Yesterday they played alone for 20 minutes with their toy bin trucks, no fighting!! I KNOW!! A few times I heard Jordan encouraging Micah “Good job Micah”, “You are SO GOOD, Micah”, “I am so proud of you Micah, you are saying so many words”. I mean. I cannot possibly express to you what this does to my mommy heart. I am bursting with pride at how Jordan is blossoming into a proud, protective and LOVING big brother. And Micah just adores Jordan too, I can see it when he looks at him. He even randomly goes up to Jordan and hugs and kisses him, literally mid play! I am not saying they don’t fight or bicker but they are really turned a corner and we are beyond grateful for that.

So that’s really it from me for now friends, life is hectic. It’s no walk in the park with two toddlers but it’s also so wonderful to witness their young minds and heart at work. When you wade through all the sh** and step back, there is really SO much to be grateful for. It’s so important to recognise those things, as small as they may seem amidst the storm, they are actually so big and all that really matter in this life, right? x

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