My first article on Mommy Matters. Take a peek.

I was recently approached by Mommy Matters to become a contributor to their online magazine. I love sharing my thoughts, concerns, fears and experiences with other moms or pregnant girls so I happily accepted. The more we can learn from each other, the better.

Mommy Matters is an online parenting and lifestyle magazine, providing moms (and dads) with an honest and open platform to share advice, knowledge and support with one another. On Mommy Matters, pretty much everything is up for discussion: fashion, beauty, motherhood, pregnancy, lifestyle, body image etc. There are some really wonderful, helpful and entertaining articles on Mommy Matters. I could spend hours reading through them all. I just love reading other peoples stories, it really does make one feel less alone. Mommy Matters and it’s content is written for moms by moms. There is a great deal of trust in that.

Click here to read my first article contribution to Mommy Matters. I chose to write about my raging hormones, things people warned us about pregnancy and feeling sorry for my poor husband, Nic. Xx

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