New beginnings, exciting projects & a whole lot of gratitude. We have a new HOME!


This year has started off with SUCH a bang. Things need to slow down otherwise I might just burn out by June. Yikes. In the beginning of the year we had no idea we’d be where we are right now. As we all know, when an amazing opportunity comes your way, you jump right? We have been thinking about selling our home for a while now. It’s been a never-ending conversation with many visits to various property websites in search of the perfect home for us.

We absolutely LOVE our current home, see that here. Two days ago we sold our special home after talking about it for long enough and we have bought another memory maker. Our house sold very quickly as all the people who came to view it just fell in love instantly. Two couples were fighting over it, the offers were rolling in and at the end of it all we benefited from their bun flight. We are not complaining. I had this excited yet sick feeling in my tummy when we signed on the dotted line. Our little victorian cottage has been so good to us. We have never had a bad incident in our 3 years of living there. It was the first home we bought. We sat on the beach in Zanzibar on honeymoon 3 years ago sending through offers because we wanted it THAT badly. It’s the home we started our family in. It’s Jordan’s first home and it’s been his place of comfort and love.

We have been chatting about this all for some time and we really just want more space. We are currently in a two bedroom, one bathroom house with a small garden and a back courtyard. It has been absolutely perfect for us until now. All we have wanted is space for Jordan and Banjoe to run, we have been dreaming about a family home for a while and we are ecstatic that it’s finally happened. We have bought into a gorgeous family home complete with all the things our dreams are made of. It’s the home that Nic grew up in. HOW SPECIAL? And what an incredible and sentimental opportunity, we are so grateful and SO excited. It is in a very popular family area, close to some wonderful schools and there are so many lovely parks too, one of which is a stones throw from our new home.

Jordan is SUCH a busy body and loves being outside. He is such an adventurous little soul and is able to keep busy for ages on his own if he’s in a beautiful garden with space to walk around and things to explore.

I think it’s so wonderful for kids to have the opportunity to be able to have that special time alone, wandering around a garden, picking flowers, reading books on the grass and day dreaming. I remember walking around my garden as a child, talking to myself, dreaming things up. I would be in my own world completely.

I cannot wait to get down and dirty in our new garden, to finally plant my favourite Hydrangeas and to have my very own veggie garden which my friend Wanita is going to help me with. YAY! We are going to build a jungle gym and put a swing in the big oak tree. There is a massive pool for hot summery days and I can’t tell you how excited I am to not have to go anywhere if we want to have a swim on a 35’C day. We can literally walk out of the sliding door and jump in!

Our new home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a massive living area. It also has a separate 3 bedroom flatlet with it’s own entrance which guests can stay in when they come and visit or we could open a little business there. There is SO much potential. The main house has 2 beautiful fireplaces and wooden ceilings. There is enough space for 3 cars to park behind a remote control gate which is a HUGE bonus for us as we are used to street parking in our current area! Our new home is 100% what we have dreamt about, and so much more. We feel BEYOND blessed.

Some parts of our new home are a bit old school but the amazing space is there. We have set aside a budget to redo a few things and I will be doing a series of home renovation and make over posts on the blog! I am so excited. At the moment the one bathroom is green, which was absolutely fine for the 80’s but I can’t wait to get in there and modernise!! Eek.

This will definitely be a long-term project as the possibility is endless and not everything can happen all at once for obvious reasons. However, being a home owner, I take so much comfort in knowing that whatever we put into our home with come back to us and will be for the benefit of our own investment. I AM SO EXCITED! It’s not often that one is able to choose kitchen and bathroom stuff from scratch. I am completely daunted my the endless design options, tiles, counter tops, flooring, light fittings, basins, toilets, etc. I don’t even know where to start so if anyone has ANY advice, I would so appreciate it.

For now, here are a few images of my home inspiration collection.. It’s definitely a bit optimistic but let’s see how far we get! You can also follow my Pinterest inspiration boards here. I cannot wait to get in there are do all the fun things. x

homemakeover4 homemakeover3 homemakeover2 homemakeover1

7 thoughts on “New beginnings, exciting projects & a whole lot of gratitude. We have a new HOME!

  1. You guys are gonna have so much fun in this new house ! Congrats !

    As I told you, we’re on the same project right now and we’re moving in 15 days. As you feel, it’s been the longest 3months of my life but it makes the event even better ! (and surprise, with a little stress as well !)

  2. Whoop whoop! Congrats! I know you will make it a very special space for your family. Can’t wait to see all the developments. We are also thinking of renovating this year so will follow you on Pinterest for some inspiration! Good luck

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