Oh Christmas tree!

Our Christmas tree went up last weekend. It’s pretty. This is our first Christmas in our new house and I intend to make it incredibly festive. My immediate family have just moved to Egypt for a few years, so it’s going to be a fairly quiet Christmas this year, but that’s ok. We will eat like kings, decorate the house with red and green, have chocolates and biscuits in bowls on every surface and watch ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ like we always do. I’m all about tradition. Yip, I’m conventional like that.

I am very surprised that Banjoe hasn’t had a go at the Christmas tree or the decorations yet, he kind of walks circles around it, and barked a lot when I was assembling it. I’m ok with that cause the more he fears the better, otherwise it’s at risk of some serious destruction.

I’m going to make some Christmas decorations this week, I can’t wait to share them with you. They will all be simple, so no fear. There are tons of fantastic DIY’s out there for busy people. x

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