Life in the Smal household.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on here and truth be told, I am totally okay with that. I went out for drinks with some people after work on Friday (I KNOW.. living LARGE) and we got onto the topic of blogging. You will know that I have always been very true to my belief that this blog is a hobby, something to be enjoyed and not something I have ever wanted to be a slave to. It is not a business, although of course I do sponsored content here and there with brands that I truly believe in and love, I consider that both a perk and a privilege. The point I am trying to make is that I have never wanted to feel life a slave to my own blog. I never want to feel guilty for my lack of communication on here and I live true to that. I don’t post for the sake of being current and I don’t post when I don’t feel like I have something valuable to add. Thank you to all you loyal folk who continue to visit and pop in on the regular. We dig you!

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New beginnings, exciting projects & a whole lot of gratitude. We have a new HOME!


This year has started off with SUCH a bang. Things need to slow down otherwise I might just burn out by June. Yikes. In the beginning of the year we had no idea we’d be where we are right now. As we all know, when an amazing opportunity comes your way, you jump right? We have been thinking about selling our home for a while now. It’s been a never-ending conversation with many visits to various property websites in search of the perfect home for us.

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Child friendly restaurant in Cape Town? Thornton Whites has it ALL! WIN dinner for 6 people! {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}


On Friday night we discovered a BIG hidden gem in town. I am *so* glad we did as we love our food and are constantly on the hunt for something delicious to eat. Thornton Whites is situated on the Foreshore in Cape Town, in Hans Strijdom avenue next to Col’Cocchios. There is very safe parking behind a boom that will cost you R5 for the entire evening.. we all know the nightmare it is parking in town so this was a real treat.

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Birthday cake & nature.

It was such a lovely, and delicious weekend. A little too delicious actually, I need a detox. Friday night we had our lovely friend Melissa’s birthday at Chef Pons Asian Kitchen. I have never been there but have friends that have waitressed there for YEARS. The food was absolutely delicious, I was so impressed and we will definitely be back. Melissa’s bf James and lovely friend Nikita organized the MOST amazing surprise for Mel. After dinner, the most incredible cake I have ever laid my eyes on came out of the kitchen. It was a TOWER of a rainbow cake. NO jokes, we had to cut the pieces in half just to fit on the plates. Followed by the dinner, we met up with my friend Caira for some birthday drinks too, there are a lot of birthdays in Feb, shewee.

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A walk (and a snack) in the park.

SPRING has arrived. Officially..and FINALLY. We had the most BEAUTIFUL weather in Cape Town on Saturday. I am SO excited summer is on its way, I’ve had it with the rain and the cold mornings.

We haven’t spent a full summer in our new house yet, but we can’t wait. Its just so nice having all the windows and doors open, Banjoe sitting in sun and the warm air drafting through the house. New grass is going to be planted soon and we will finally be able to get down and dirty in the garden, planting brightly coloured things and making pretty. Garden parties will be had very soon. Yipeee.

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